New York Governor steps in after aggressive ICE farm raids

· April 27, 2018

Following aggressive ICE raids on New York farms last week, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has issued a cease and desist letter to ICE to demand the immediate stop of unconstitutional enforcement actions. In the letter, the Governor condemns the agency’s irresponsible patterns of conduct that target immigrants and jeopardize public safety. In addition, the Governor […]

Infographic: Veterinary Feed Directive, Part 1

· October 3, 2016

This is the first in a four-part series on the Veterinary Feed Directive. To see the others, click here for Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.   Did you like what you read? Sign up here in a heartbeat to get the best from!

Sustainable Agricultural

USDA grants $8.4M to minority, veteran farmers

· September 29, 2016

Veterans and minorities, with a passion for farming, now have more opportunities, thanks to ‘The People’s Department.’ Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced $8.4 million in grants will be used by organizations in 24 states to provide training, outreach, and technical assistance for socially disadvantaged, tribal, and veteran farmers and ranchers. “USDA was created to […]

Bayer upgrades worm control protection product

· September 29, 2016

Cotton bollworm and armyworms inching their way into your cotton fields? Bayer has upgraded their pest protection product in 2017 with TwinLink Plus. TwinLink Plus technology combines two Bayer proprietary Bt genes (Cry1Ab and Cry2Ae), both included in TwinLink, with the Vip3Aa19 Bt gene to create TwinLink Plus for effective management of major lepidopteran pests, […]

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