NCGA announces 2018 Yield Contest Winners

· December 17, 2018

Corn growers nationwide achieved impressive yields despite weather-related adversity in the National Corn Growers Association 2018 National Corn Yield Contest. The 18 winners in six production categories had verified yields averaging more than 349 bushels per acre, compared to the projected national average of 178.9 bushels per acre in 2018. While there is no overall […]

Survey: Most Americans don’t know what a GMO is

· October 2, 2018

This goes way beyond a late-night GMO skit by Jimmy Kimmel. A new survey found that a majority of Americans aren’t confident they know what GMOs are, and this lack of knowledge may be driving overall uncertainty and discomfort.  However, concern and confusion do not equate to rejection, as nearly the same number of Americans want […]

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USDA to re-double efforts following EJC ruling on gene editing

· July 30, 2018

Following the EU ruling on gene editing last week, the USDA plans to double down efforts to work with partners globally towards science-based regulatory approaches. U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue issued the following statement regarding this week’s European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling on newer mutagenesis methods, otherwise known as genome editing. “Government policies […]

European Court rules gene editing falls under GMO directive

· July 25, 2018

A European Court ruling today on gene editing could set back cutting-edge research and development in agriculture and even medicine. In today’s judgement, the European Court of Justice ruled that organisms obtained by mutagenesis are GMOs within the meaning of the GMO Directive, in so far as the techniques and methods of mutagenesis alter the […]

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