Goss’s wilt

Five new DEKALB Disease Shield products to roll out for 2019

· July 16, 2018

Five new DEKALB Disease Shield products are being introduced for the 2019 growing season that provide the broadest protection available against the top corn diseases without sacrificing yield. Included will be earlier maturities for farmers in the upper Midwest. First launched in 2017, DEKALB Disease Shield corn combines high yield potential with stacked protection against […]

New testing options for Goss’s Wilt, Xanthomonas

· June 5, 2017

Identifying two corn diseases — Goss’s Wilt and Xanthomonas — just got easier, faster, and more cost effective due to new testing protocols announced today by the National Agricultural Genotyping Center located in Fargo, North Dakota. “Farming is a complicated pursuit that involves many choices. Making the right choice at the right time can have […]

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