O’Hare Airport employs 30 goats, sheep, and a donkey

· August 27, 2018

One of the world’s busiest airports is getting a manicure from some of the livestock industry’s best in grazing. The Chicago Department of Aviation recently welcomed the return of the grazing herd — comprised of a mix of 30 goats, sheep, and a donkey named Jackson — to manage natural vegetation at O’Hare International Airport. […]

NCBA: Multiple benefits to public land grazing

· July 16, 2018

A lieutenant governor, a scientist, and an agricultural industry leader made the case for eliminating regulatory burdens and legal loopholes impacting livestock grazing on federal land during a House Natural Resources subcommittee hearing last week. Idaho Lieutenant Governor Brad Little, University of Montana Professor Dr. Dave Naugle, and Arizona Farm Bureau President Stefanie Smallhouse provided […]

Warm-season annual grasses in horse pastures shows promise

· October 11, 2017

A new study from the University of Minnesota shows that warm-season annual grasses have good potential for use in horse pastures. “Annual grasses need to be replanted from seed each year, so they involve more work than perennial grasses, but they provide horse owners more summer grazing options,” said Krishona Martinson, an Equine Extension Specialist […]

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Zinke: Farmers, ranchers know the land better than anyone

· September 28, 2017

Ranchers and grazing permit holders will get an unprecedented level of flexibility in the management of livestock while also protecting the public lands, thanks to a new initiative from the Bureau of Land Management. This effort emphasizes the Trump Administration’s goal of promoting shared conservation stewardship of public lands while supporting uses such as grazing. […]

NDSU: Look out for livestock nitrate poisoning during drought

· July 10, 2017

Some North Dakota State University Extension Service specialists are urging livestock producers in drought stricken states to be aware of nitrate poisoning. Nitrate poisoning may occur if livestock eat drought-stressed crops and forages, which can accumulate nitrates. Feeding drought-stressed forages from oats, barley, and corn causes the majority of nitrate poisoning cases in North Dakota. […]

NCBA: Ranchers get cattle grazing to prevent wildfire risk

· May 11, 2017

Grazing on public lands is essential to mitigate the risk of catastrophic wildfires. That’s why the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the Public Lands Council kicked off a media and advertising campaign centered around a new website, GrazingPreventsWildfires and will run through May. “Coming off the wet winter we had across much of the west, […]

Wildfires: State governors ask UDSA to allow CRP grazing

· March 14, 2017

Governors Greg Abbott of Texas, Sam Brownback of Kansas, Susana Martinez of New Mexico, and Mary Fallin of Oklahoma penned a letter to the USDA calling for the temporary suspension of grazing restrictions in the Conservation Reserve Program after devastating wildfires. The letter also asks for the USDA-Farm Service Agency (FSA) to expedite implementation of the Emergency […]

Shade Haven provides relief to cattle on the go

· January 5, 2017

Livestock producers with smaller size herds will be able to keep their cattle cooler more affordably this summer with the newest mobile shade model, the SH500, from the Shade Haven company. The Viroqua, Wisconsin company  is the world’s leader in innovative mobile shade structures for agricultural and commercial applications. The Shade Haven company first introduced […]

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