heat stress

K-State: Could we genetically select cattle for drought?

· July 17, 2018

Kansas State University researchers say they are making steady progress on a study that will help define how water intake relates to a cow’s ability to adapt to drought or heat stress. Megan Rolf, an assistant professor of animal breeding and genetics, says the cattle industry has sparse information on how much water individual cattle […]

Don’t stress out about heat stress this summer

· April 27, 2017

With warmer temperatures on the horizon, heat stress is almost inevitable, but some management practices can be implemented to help animals better cope with a hot spell. Heat stress occurs when the animal’s ability to self-regulate and lower core body temperature is overwhelmed and the animal’s performance and/or health is compromised. Signs include bunching in […]

Shade Haven provides relief to cattle on the go

· January 5, 2017

Livestock producers with smaller size herds will be able to keep their cattle cooler more affordably this summer with the newest mobile shade model, the SH500, from the Shade Haven company. The Viroqua, Wisconsin company  is the world’s leader in innovative mobile shade structures for agricultural and commercial applications. The Shade Haven company first introduced […]

K-State: Daily exercise keeps dairy heat stress free

· October 27, 2016

A morning stroll might just be what a vet will order now for a herd in heat stress. A Kansas State University faculty and student team have built a circular exercise device with moving panels that gently keep dairy cattle on a walking routine, and the results so far have been pretty cool. “We are […]

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