Syngenta offers 4 tips for optimal herbicide application timing

· November 20, 2018

Many factors contribute to weeds developing resistance to herbicides. One common problem is applying herbicides at the wrong timing. To help growers, Syngenta is providing key insights into herbicide resistance management as well as optimal application timing. “The key to preventing herbicide-resistance development is growers’ weed-management practices,” said Joe Wuerffel, Ph.D., research and development scientist […]

soybean maturity

BASF unveils Credenz soybean with LibertyLink GT27

· August 29, 2018

BASF has launched Credenz soybean with LibertyLink GT27, the first soybean seed technology with herbicide-tolerant stacked traits. It allows growers to apply both Liberty herbicide and glyphosate over the top of soybeans for post-emergence control of broadleaf and grass weeds. “The Credenz LibertyLink GT27 system combines the maximum yield potential from the elite genetics of […]


Corteva AgriScience: Five tips for fighting off waterhemp

· July 20, 2018

While there are dozens of common weeds that threaten yield each season, many Midwest farmers who grow corn or soybeans are facing off with waterhemp now. “New cases of resistant waterhemp are daunting to those of us in the ag industry because it threatens the already-delicate ROI ratio,” says Dave Roome, customer technical specialist, Corteva […]

Syngenta’s new herbicide for volunteer corn gets EPA approval

· April 24, 2018

Syngenta’s Fusilade DX herbicide has been cleared by the EPA for tank mixing with both XtendiMax with VaporGrip Technology and Engenia herbicides. Fusilade DX will be available for use on Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans, providing growers with more options for weeds such as volunteer corn. Volunteer corn, one of the most common weed escapes […]

Corteva gets EPA registration for OpenSky herbicide

· April 18, 2018

OpenSky herbicide has received registration from the EPA, providing wheat and durum growers with enhanced broadleaf weed and grass control in an easy-handling formulation. A new herbicide for wheat that offers rotational flexibility and ease of use, OpenSky contains two active ingredients with two modes of action, reducing the likelihood of weed resistance. “OpenSky will […]


Judge rules six Arkansas farmers can spray dicamba

· April 3, 2018

Six Arkansas farmers will be allowed to spray dicamba this growing season while the rest of the state will remain under a statewide ban on the herbicide. On Friday Pulaski County Circuit Judge Tim Fox ruled the farmers can spray past the April 15th cutoff date. In November the six growers had sued the Arkansas […]

Effective weed control in winter wheat is all in the timing

· December 5, 2017

A weed control program needs maximum application flexibility to tackle winter and spring annual weeds in winter wheat. “Timing continues to be an important consideration in weed management,” says Dallas Peterson, Extension weed specialist, Kansas State University. “Properly timed weed control improves herbicide efficacy, protects yield and reduces future infestations.” These three tips from Peterson […]

Arysta’s new Everest 3.0 gets tougher on toughest weeds

· November 29, 2017

Getting a grip on weeds in wheat can be a major issue for many growers, but a new product from Arysta LifeScience aims to change the game. The global agricultural company recently introduced EVEREST 3.0 Herbicide, a patent-pending formulation with built-in safener technology. The new carrier technology in the patent-pending EVEREST 3.0 formulation helps growers […]

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