FMC: Confronting corn rootworm takes multi-point strategy

· August 29, 2018

For farmers who grow continuous corn, corn rootworm is a pest that growers must deal with on an annual basis. And over the decades, growers have learned you can’t really rely on one single tactic. “We had the insecticides we developed in the 70s and 80s that were very effective, but we learned over time […]

Syngenta releases new granular corn insecticide for #Plant19

· August 23, 2018

Syngenta has received EPA approval for Force 6.5G, a high-load granular corn insecticide for control of corn rootworm, and will be rolling out the product for the 2019 growing season. “We’re launching Force 6.5G to meet the changing needs of growers,” said Meade McDonald, product lead for insecticides at Syngenta. “This higher-load formulation goes farther […]

Syngenta expert releases 2018 pest watch list

· July 11, 2018

What insects should growers be worried about creeping into their crops this growing season? One Syngenta expert has been studying trends and recommends growers keep their eyes out for these insects on his 2018 pest watch list. Meade McDonald, Syngenta insecticide product lead, has spent most of his 23-year career in agriculture seeing the damage […]

SDSU: Take care taking off clothes after insecticide application

· April 9, 2018

To prevent accidental insecticide exposure, applicators need to take appropriate, precautionary steps when it comes to the care of their clothing following application. “Exposure to insecticides can pose a serious health threat to the individuals working with insecticides along with their families, as families can be exposed to insecticides when contaminated work clothes are laundered […]

BASF expands insecticide portfolio with three new products

· March 16, 2018

According to the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee, insecticide resistance in the United States contributes to $40 million in grower spending costs to cover the payment of additional treatments or alternative controls. That’s one of the main reasons BASF has invested so heavily in their insecticide pipeline. At this year’s Commodity Classic, BASF announced the company […]

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