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Agronomists recommend field scouting corn now

· September 13, 2022

Scouting fields ahead of harvest helps farmers avoid the hassle and slowdown associated with downed corn. “Avoiding those issues limits time in the field, saving them fuel, time, and labor,” says Justin Schneider, an LG Seeds agronomist in Michigan. “Natural gas prices are extremely high, and the best way to leave your corn out there in the field the longest is to scout.”

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LG Seeds offers unique seed dealer student scholarships

· March 7, 2018

College students looking to one day start their own seed business might want to look into this scholarship program from LG Seeds. As AgReliant Genetics stays committed to unifying its regional brands, LG Seeds is excited to announce the launch of the ‘Rising STAR Partner’ internship program, — open to all junior and senior level […]

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