Timing and application critical in getting ahead of cattle lice

· October 20, 2017

Many winters can be a challenge for controlling lice in the beef cow herd, and varying weather conditions may be the heart of the issue. “Often, we tend to apply our external parasite control products in conjunction with other herd events like weaning or pregnancy-checking earlier in the fall,” said Jon Seeger, DVM, managing veterinarian […]

Vaccine administration

NDSU: Ranchers continue to face lice outbreaks

· March 23, 2017

In Northern climates many ranchers are often faced with a continual lice infestation in their herd each winter, even if they have treated their cattle. Unfortunately, lice populations are much more difficult to control than they were 10 years ago, according to Gerald Stokka, NDSU Extension veterinarian. “We cannot be sure of the reason for […]

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