RTO Wireless, Microsoft to bring broadband to rural NY, Maine

· July 24, 2018

RTO Wireless and Microsoft Corp. are joining together to bring broadband internet access to more than 290,000 people living in unserved rural regions of New York and Maine. The partnership is part of the Microsoft Airband Initiative, which aims to extend broadband access to 2 million people in unserved portions of rural America by July […]

Missing Oxford comma costs Maine dairy $5 million

· February 12, 2018

A Maine labor law probably should have been proofread more closely after a group of dairy delivery drivers recently settled for $5 million in an overtime lawsuit all based upon a missing Oxford comma. The lawsuit, filed in 2014, alleged that drivers for Oakhurst Dairy were eligible for overtime pay that they never received because […]

Maine farmer rescued after hide and seek with cow/calf pair

· August 4, 2017

A Camden, Maine farmer that went out in the woods behind his property this week searching for his pregnant heifer, had to call the local authorities when he got lost himself. According to Penobscot Bay Pilot, Ron Van Heeswijk called local police and firefighters after his mother-to-be wandered away from the pasture and into nearby woods […]

Maine farmer recovering after freak tractor accident

· May 30, 2017

A LaGrange, Maine farmer is now reportedly in stable condition after a freak tractor accident last week. According to Bangor Daily News,  N17 Cattle Co. owner William Nunnally, 40, was crushed by his tractor after his pant leg got caught on the gearshift upon dismount. Nunnally, who had just moved a bale of hay to […]

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