Thirteen states file lawsuit against Massachusetts cage-free law

· December 14, 2017

With Indiana leading the pack, 13 states have filed a lawsuit against Massachusetts saying the new voter-approved cage-free law is not fair to their farmers’ market access to the state. The law, which goes into effect in 2022, would require all pork, veal, and eggs farmed and sold in Massachusetts come from animals not confined […]

Farm Stand hit with false reviews after pig roast fundraiser

· June 13, 2017

A Massachusetts farmer and farm stand owner was slammed with negative Facebook reviews after announcing a co-sponsored pig roast fundraiser on his page. The false comments apparently made by vegans came so fast and from places as far away as New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom, The Farmer’s Kitchen owner thought it was going […]

Massachusetts FFA takes nothing less than 100%

· January 16, 2017

A 100 percent membership is a feat for any state FFA association but it’s a mark that the Massachusetts FFA has reached the past six years. Their strategy? Ensuring everyone is a member. “The structure of agricultural education is very unique in Massachusetts.  The majority of our agriculture programs are part of a larger career […]

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