Michigan Farm Bureau

Kasich’s order to dictate fertilizer use across 2M Ohio acres

· July 13, 2018

Ohio farmers in eight Maumee River watersheds could face a whole new regulatory reality in their daily farm operations following Governor John Kasich’s announcement of a new Executive Order Wednesday. The order will likely dictate nutrient management including fertilizer and manure applications. The order directs a number of state agencies, including the Ohio Environmental Protection […]

Smithfield hog odor lawsuit: Could it happen in other states?

· May 4, 2018

Media hype of a recent jury verdict in a nuisance lawsuit involving 10 neighbors pitted against Smithfield Foods over alleged odor complaints from a 15,000 head contract hog facility owned and operated by Kinlaw Farms in North Carolina may have many livestock farmers pondering the obvious. Could it happen here? It’s something the Michigan Farm […]

Michigan Farm Bureau investigates ag labor shortage

· March 19, 2018

The Michigan Farm Bureau is hoping a survey they are conducting will help address the reasons why a labor shortage continues to plague farms across the state. “Farmers often note availability as their number one labor concern, which is problematic for all farmers, but particularly for Michigan’s specialty crop sector which has peak seasonal labor […]

Farm Bureau: AG Act would address DACA issue in agriculture

· March 1, 2018

The American Farm Bureau Federation is calling on all members of Congress to support House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte in his goal of including the Agricultural Guestworker (AG) Act in the Securing America’s Future Act. “We are at a crisis point in agriculture,” AFBF President Zippy Duvall said. “Chairman Bob Goodlatte wants to address […]

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