Research: Monarch butterfly declines began long before GMOs

· February 5, 2019

The introduction of genetically engineered crops (and related herbicide use) has taken a lot of heat over the past 25 years as being the source of declining monarch butterflies and milkweed populations. But new research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences indicates that the population declines began around 1950, decades before […]

Farms ditch mowing for milkweed in BASF Monarch Challenge

· August 21, 2018

It may be hard to initially wrap your head around planting milkweed next to your fields, but it may just be the key to attracting some of nature’s best pollinators. “When we start talking about it, the initial discussion might be a little challenging, because we are talking about what many people consider a weed, […]

BASF asks farmers to join Monarch Challenge, plant milkweed

· March 29, 2018

As monarch butterflies prepare to fly north, BASF is encouraging farm families to provide a layover for these iconic insects by planting milkweed habitats along the migration path as part of the company’s Monarch Challenge. The Monarch Challenge is a program of BASF’s biodiversity initiative Living Acres, which seeks to restore the monarch population, by […]

BASF Monarch Challenge provides farmers milkweed seedlings

· April 18, 2017

Tools from the BASF Living Acres Monarch Challenge are helping farmers build the habitat monarchs need to make their way north, including a vital sidekick: milkweed. “Milkweed is critical to the monarch throughout its life cycle, but can be difficult to grow,” said Laura Vance, Biology Project Leader, BASF. “The Living Acres Monarch Challenge is […]

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