Mycogen: 5 tips for strong-start, high-quality corn silage

· February 7, 2018

Growing and producing a high-quality corn silage crop starts at Day 1. One Mycogen Seeds expert says now is the best time for producers to build a plan for the upcoming growing season. “With feed costs close to 60 percent of a dairy operation’s budget, the choices a producer makes now will not only impact […]

Mycogen unveils new corn silage for better feed efficiency

· October 5, 2017

More feed efficiency, more milk? Yes please. Mycogen Seeds has released Unified corn silage with SilaSoft technology to deliver unparalleled fiber digestibility combined with highly digestible starch in one hybrid. “Unified corn silage is the next step in silage innovation. It answers the need for high fiber digestibility paired with digestible starch, which delivers real […]

Mycogen unveils REVONTEK for 2018 early season protection

· August 11, 2017

After a season plagued by seedling diseases caused by cool, wet soils at planting, Mycogen Seeds is proud to announce REVONTEK seed treatment will be available for 2018 planting. As farmers manage more and more acres, it is increasingly difficult to hit a specific planting window for all fields. It’s often impossible for farmers to […]

Mycogen: Scout corn during these critical growth stages

· June 28, 2017

Having a rough start this growing season? You’re not alone. Saturated soils and cool, sometimes freezing, temperatures have plagued corn-growing states from Nebraska to Indiana. However, the folks at Mycogen say scouting during critical growth stages provides useful insights for the remainder of the growing season. Root development: Planting and growing-season challenges can create a […]

Mycogen: Get your spring planting checklist ready

· March 9, 2017

Planting season is nearly here. Are you ready? “There’s a lot of things to think about. As we know planting really sets the stage for the whole crop year so it is really important to get things right,” said Melissa Bell, a Mycogen commercial agronomist serving the Illinois area. “Personally I’m a big fan of lists […]

Mycogen: Growers reflect before purchasing 2017 seeds

· December 8, 2016

Before purchasing seeds for the 2017 growing season, one Mycogen expert says growers should reflect on on the 2016 season and take a further examination into why fields yielded the way they did. Was it environmental conditions, management, or hybrid selection? As Andrew Hoffman, Agronomy Marketing Manager, Mycogen Seeds points out, it’s also important for […]

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