Livestock water quality may not be up to par after drought

· May 9, 2018

After last year’s drought conditions across several regions in the U.S. many producers may want to check their water quality before turning out their livestock. “Runoff from snowmelt and spring rains may not be enough to replenish depleted ponds and dugouts, and water quality in ponds and dugouts still may be compromised by concentrated levels […]

Harvest during high moisture to avoid soybean shatter loss

· October 18, 2017

Harvest timing can mean everything when it comes to soybean shatter losses, according to North Dakota State University Extension Service agricultural engineer Ken Hellevang. “Field losses, splits, and cracked seed coats increase as moisture content decreases,” he says. “Shatter losses have been shown to increase significantly when seed moisture falls below 11 percent or when […]

NDSU: Now is the time to review cattle vaccination plans

· October 10, 2017

Now would be a good time for cattle producers to review their animal vaccination plans, according to Gerald Stokka, North Dakota State University Extension Service veterinarian. Preventing infectious disease through planned vaccination strategies is critical to every cattle operation, he says. Producers should develop vaccination strategies in consultation with their veterinarian, and those strategies should […]

Pinkeye popping up in Northern cattle herds

· September 28, 2017

North Dakota State University animal health experts are warning Northern cattle producers that pinkeye has been infecting some herds. “Pinkeye, or keratoconjunctivitis, is an infectious disease of cattle that costs producers money in several ways,” says Gerald Stokka, NDSU Extension veterinarian. “These include increased labor, cost of antibiotics, decreased weaning weight, and decreased price paid […]

Better beans? NDSU releases two new kidney varieties

· July 21, 2017

Two new varieties of kidney beans – Talon and Rosie – have recently been released by a team of researchers at North Dakota State University. Both new varieties “possess improved resistance to root pathogens and bacterial diseases,” says lead researcher Juan Osorno. “They also show higher seed yields and superior performance compared to older varieties.” […]

Want to help ranchers in drought? Check out NDSU FeedList

· July 11, 2017

For the ag community looking to help their fellow ranchers affected by the drought, the North Dakota State University’s FeedList is making it easier. An update to the site now allows farmers and ranchers in other areas to donate feedstuffs easily to North Dakota ranchers who are short of pasture, hay, and other livestock feed […]

NDSU Tailgate Tour combines athletics, Pioneer agronomy

· July 6, 2017

Agriculture and athletics are coming together for the first ever North Dakota State University Tailgate Tour thanks to a sponsorship with DuPont Pioneer. The NDSU Tailgate Tour, featuring NDSU Director of Athletics Matt Larsen and select Bison coaches and former players, will be held in conjunction with a series of Pioneer GrowingPoint agronomy plot events […]

NDSU: Nourish mama to reduce weak calves

· April 11, 2017

Often during calving season, we may see weak calves — possibly unable to stand, or lacking the energy to nurse. With assistance from the producer, such as helping the calf nurse or providing it with another source of colostrum, and taking the calf to a warmer place (pickup cab, barn, or calf heater), the calf […]

Syngenta: Palmer amaranth will be biggest threat in 2017

· January 6, 2017

The most notorious weed, Palmer amaranth, will be the number one threat to growers this year, according to Syngenta agronomists.  Not only has the weed continued to spread northward to new states, it also is now showing resistance to multiple herbicide modes of action. Palmer amaranth has earned its title as one of the most […]

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