Penn State

Scientists discover 27 new viruses in bees

· June 22, 2018

An international team of researchers has discovered evidence of 27 previously unknown viruses in bees. The finding could help scientists design strategies to prevent the spread of viral pathogens among these important pollinators. “Populations of bees around the world are declining, and viruses are known to contribute to these declines,” said David Galbraith, research scientist […]

Declining farm income, weather may be impacting opioid crisis

· January 25, 2018

Overprescribing may be the main driver for the opioid epidemic in rural America, but economists say that other factors, including declining farm income, extreme weather, and other natural disasters, may also be contributing. In a study of relationships between socioeconomic variables and opioid-related drug overdoses, researchers found several correlations that are often not discussed in […]

Penn state study: Calcium level key to Honeycrisp pit disorder

· October 25, 2017

Penn State researchers may have discovered a way to indicate which Honeycrisp apples will develop bitter pit disorder, a measure that could potentially save millions of dollars annually in wasted fruit. While Honeycrisp is not yet the most popular apple in the U. S., trailing Gala and Fuji in sales, more Honeycrisp trees have been […]

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