plant-based milk

Dairy farmers applaud Senate stopping dairy label amendment

· August 3, 2018

Midwest dairy farmers applauded the U.S. Senate’s defeat this week of an attempt to protect non-dairy food products that use a dairy label. “This is a victory for Edge and other groups that have been fighting for clarity on the labeling of milk and various plant-based products,” said Brody Stapel, president of Edge Dairy Farmer […]

FDA to crack down on plant-based dairy labeling

· July 18, 2018

The dairy industry is applauding comments by the FDA Commissioner Tuesday that indicate his agency will soon get tougher on plant-based dairy labeling. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb told an audience at a Politico Pro Summit on Tuesday in Washington that his agency will soon begin enforcing regulations that define milk as an animal product, not […]

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