Clean Waters Act

Purina joins Ducks Unlimited in Iowa water quality initiative

· August 15, 2018

Ducks Unlimited and Purina have partnered to protect and improve 1,600 acres of wetland and grasslands across Iowa over the next three years through Ducks Unlimited’s Living Lakes Initiative, promoting healthy soil, healthy crops, and healthy wildlife habitat. Purina, which operates three pet food manufacturing facilities in Iowa and sources high-quality ingredients for its dog […]

Purina: Earlier you break the cycle, the fewer the flies

· April 21, 2017

Summer is just around the corner and with the season, comes the heat and the … flies. According to one Purina expert, now is the time to evaluate and start your fly control strategy for maximum effectiveness. “Starting a program before flies appear goes a long way in prevention for calves, heifers, and cows,” says […]

Purina: Six-point checklist for good horse hay

· November 4, 2016

Hay, a staple for horses and the main source of forage in the diet, needs to be good quality to keep a horse healthy, according to one Purina equine expert. “The most important factor determining hay quality is the stage of plant maturity at time of harvest,” said Gina M. Fresquez, technical specialist for Equine […]

Sow lameness can lead to longevity issues

· October 21, 2016

Did you know? After reproductive failure, sow lameness is the second reason sows are culled from herds. An average of 30-35 percent of sows in any given herd experience lameness. Producers should target that number to be just 10 percent of their herd. Early culling of sows also cuts into profits. This is due to […]

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