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Shark Farmer podcasts with Virginia crop farmer

· June 9, 2017

Steven Ellis is a Virginia farmer who is a connoisseur of the Japanese poetry, haiku, and is active on social media. He talks to Rob Sharkey of the Shark Farmer podcast about the differences he sees from farming in the “I” states, plus how ag social media has changed. Please follow Rob and Steven on […]

Shark Farmer podcast | AGDAILY

Shark Farmer podcasts with Matt Chambers, Part 2

· May 26, 2017

Rob Sharkey (aka Shark Farmer) again visits with Matt Chambers, a farmer from Iowa whose life has been changed forever by an accident. If you missed the first installment, be sure to check it out here. Rob says: “Last week Matt Chambers navigated us through his families struggles after a truck/tractor accident. This week we learn more […]

Shark Farmer podcast | AGDAILY

Shark Farmer podcasts with New York dairyman

· April 14, 2017

As Rob Sharkey, aka Shark Farmer puts it: “Nate Chittenden should be banned from Snapchat. However, he does some very good things for agriculture. Giving tours of his dairy is a high priority.” Take a listen to this week’s podcast, and follow Rob and Nate on the Twitterverse!

Shark Farmer podcast | AGDAILY

Shark Farmer podcasts with Natalie Newell

· April 7, 2017

Natalie Newell is a mom who doesn’t put up with fear-mongering celebrity activists — so much so that she is making a movie promoting common sense in food science, vaccines, and children’s health. Plus we rip on the stupid decision Cargill has made. Follow Rob and Natalie on Twitter, and listen to this weeks’ Shark […]

Shark Farmer podcast | AGDAILY

Shark Farmer podcasts with Belinda Bowman

· March 30, 2017

Belinda Bowman had a life changing experience when she went to Africa to help people feed themselves. Her charity has transferred over to trying to help the victims of the wildfires. Check out what she has to say in Rob Sharkey’s latest podcast. And please follow Rob and Belinda on Twitter!

Shark Farmer podcast | AGDAILY

Shark Farmer podcasts with Texas wildfire victim

· March 23, 2017

Trent Cadra is a rancher in Texas who was struck by the wildfires — although, as Rob Sharkey says in his podcast blurb, you really wouldn’t know it by talking to him. Even with suffering a loss he is focused on others. Listen below, and be sure to follow Rob on Twitter!

Shark Farmer podcasts with Kentucky farmer

· March 7, 2017

Shark Farmer describes his latest podcast succinctly: “Katie Hancock is a farmer from Kentucky and doesn’t like hunting. Plus she is raising Satan’s chickens.” You have to see how this goes! And be sure to follow Rob and Katie on Twitter, and check out the new Farm and Rural Ag Network on Facebook!

Shark Farmer podcasts with Ontario farmer Andy Pasztor

· March 1, 2017

Rob Sharkey, aka Shark Farmer, talks this week with Canadian farmer Andy Pasztor, who grows corn, soybeans, and vegetables, and is connected to his family’s DowSeeds dealerships. One thing we really love about this podcast (there’s so much to love!) is his shout-out to former “Bachelor” star Chris Soules as one of the best agvocates out […]

Shark Farmer podcasts with Okla. farmer Aaron Base

· February 8, 2017

The Shark Farmer podcast caught up with Oklahoma farmer Aaron Base for this week’s installment. Aaron raises wheat and cattle, as well as being involved in a few other things. Listen to their chat below, and follow Shark Farmer Rob Sharkey and Aaron on Twitter.

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