Ryan Zinke

More than 1 way to manage livestock grazing with sage-grouse

· October 13, 2017

Livestock grazing management can be compatible with nesting greater sage-grouse, according to a new study published in the Journal of Wildlife Management. The extent of sagebrush in western North America has declined significantly in recent years, which has resulted in concomitant effects on an array of wildlife, such as nesting greater sage-grouse, a species that […]

Fish and Wildlife ban against GM seeds arbitrary & capricious

· October 3, 2017

The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) is calling on the Interior to reverse their policy against GM seeds. One of the world’s top science and technology think tanks, ITIF, along with a group of independent scientists, submitted a letter to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke calling on the department to reverse a Fish and Wildlife […]

grazing regulations

Zinke: Farmers, ranchers know the land better than anyone

· September 28, 2017

Ranchers and grazing permit holders will get an unprecedented level of flexibility in the management of livestock while also protecting the public lands, thanks to a new initiative from the Bureau of Land Management. This effort emphasizes the Trump Administration’s goal of promoting shared conservation stewardship of public lands while supporting uses such as grazing. […]

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