seed treatment

Syngenta Seedcare Institute validates customized seed recipes

· October 19, 2017

For only being open a year, the Syngenta North America Seedcare Institute is filling a growing need for innovative seed treatment research, advanced customer training, and personalized application support. Built in Stanton, Minnesota, the facility is successfully developing customized seed treatment recipes, and then testing and scaling up the recipes from the Syngenta lab to […]

Mycogen unveils REVONTEK for 2018 early season protection

· August 11, 2017

After a season plagued by seedling diseases caused by cool, wet soils at planting, Mycogen Seeds is proud to announce REVONTEK seed treatment will be available for 2018 planting. As farmers manage more and more acres, it is increasingly difficult to hit a specific planting window for all fields. It’s often impossible for farmers to […]


Poncho/VOTiVO track record stretches across 40M acres

· March 9, 2017

Bayer has released the latest data from their seed treatment product and the product just keeps on delivering. The results are in from its eighth year with more than 860 data sets showing Poncho/VOTiVO has an average yield advantage of 10 bushels per acre compared to commercial fungicide. “Bayer takes pride in the technology we […]

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