Farmers Business Network to offer seed line growers can keep

· August 14, 2018

Farmers Business Network is rolling out the F2F Genetics Network, a new seed line, model for the future of seed development and direct-to-farm distribution. The F2F Genetics Network will bring farmers conventional (non-GM) and post-patent seeds in corn, soybeans, and other crops direct to FBN members with greater transparency on genetic identity, yield performance and […]

Palmer Amaranth

Minnesota conservation planting may be bringing in bad seed

· April 25, 2018

Minnesota landowners are being told they need to be cautious when buying and planting seed, especially for conservation plantings. Recently, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture has encountered several issues with seed sold in the state. In 2016 and 2017, the highly invasive weed Palmer amaranth was introduced through conservation seed mixes. The department found seed […]

Channel Seed stands out with its service

· July 27, 2017

They call it, simply, seedsmanship. That hyper service-focused mantra in which Channel Seed employees get their boots dirty to best improve a farmer’s yield. “We don’t want Channel to be a one-stop deal, just selling you a bag of corn or a bag of beans, and be gone. We want to bring our service and […]

Mycogen: Growers reflect before purchasing 2017 seeds

· December 8, 2016

Before purchasing seeds for the 2017 growing season, one Mycogen expert says growers should reflect on on the 2016 season and take a further examination into why fields yielded the way they did. Was it environmental conditions, management, or hybrid selection? As Andrew Hoffman, Agronomy Marketing Manager, Mycogen Seeds points out, it’s also important for […]

Syngenta corn borer control product cleared by EPA

· September 12, 2016

Syngenta customers could enjoy a pest-free planting season next spring, thanks to EPA registration approval of a new insect-control product. Agrisure 3120 E-Z Refuge, a new trait stack from Syngenta, offers above-ground insect control, featuring two modes of action against corn borer and control of ear-feeding insects, with the convenience of an integrated refuge product. […]

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