USDA’s $12 billion aid package gets mixed reviews from ag

· August 28, 2018

The USDA’s announcement Monday with more details on the $12 billion aid package was met with mixed reactions from the agriculture and livestock sector. Some said thanks and some said trade not aid. Through the Market Facilitation Program (MFP) in the Trump Tariff Aid Plan, sorghum producers will receive 86 cents per bushel. This initial […]

Sorghum oil now EPA approved for ethanol industry

· July 25, 2018

Sorghum oil is now an approved feedstock under the Renewable Fuel Standard after a signing event Tuesday at EPA headquarters in Washington, D.C. The EPA’s announcement marks a significant step toward leveling the playing field for ethanol plants extracting oil from sorghum. National Sorghum Producers worked closely with the EPA for over two years to […]

China’s retaliatory tariff is no longer theoretical

· June 18, 2018

After the Trump Administration announced it is moving forward with $50 billion in tariffs on Chinese products, the Sleeping Giant snapped back with a 25 percent retaliatory tariff on multiple U.S. goods. The retaliatory tariff includes soybeans, cotton, sorghum, wheat, vegetables, beef, pork, and more and will go into effect on July 6. The American […]

China, a key sorghum market, reopens after probes halted

· May 18, 2018

China’s Ministry of Commerce has terminated its anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations into U.S. sorghum — an effort that is poised to lessen trade tensions. China also will return the temporary anti-dumping deposit collected in full, stating that the investigations did not serve public interest. National Sorghum Producers Chairman Don Bloss, a sorghum producer from Pawnee […]

National Sorghum Producers: We are not dumping in China

· April 17, 2018

Following China’s announcement Tuesday that customs officers will charge importers a fee of about 179 percent on U.S. sorghum, the National Sorghum Producers have spoken out. “National Sorghum Producers is deeply disappointed in the preliminary antidumping determination issued today by China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM). U.S. sorghum is not being dumped in China, and U.S. […]

Bayer launches Grain for Good sweepstakes for cereal growers

· December 20, 2017

Starting in January, cereal growers can enter to win the Grain for Good Sweepstakes, sponsored by Bayer Cereal Experts. Growers can win $5,000 to donate to a local nonprofit organization of their choice. “We are very excited about the launch of this program for our cereal growers,” said Kayla Brugman, western region campaign manager. “Many […]

U.S. sorghum producer tops yield with 228 bushels per acre

· December 19, 2017

Sorghum growers from 24 states entered to win this year’s National Sorghum Producer Yield Contest, with this year’s top yield at 228.07 bushels per acre. “Congratulations to the 2017 NSP Yield Contest Winners. I look forward to meeting each one at the upcoming Commodity Classic,” said NSP board of directors Chairman Don Bloss. “The yield […]

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