speciality crops

EU residue ruling opens doors for specialty crop growers

· June 25, 2018

Exporting tree nuts to EU countries has just gotten simpler for U.S. specialty crop growers after an EU ruling increasing the maximum residue level (MRL) limit. The ruling was based on residue data developed by IR-4 and almond, pistachio, and walnut grower groups under a USDA grant with support from Verdesian Life Sciences. Confirming Verdesian’s […]

New Syngeta insecticide aims at broad range of sucking pests

· February 22, 2017

Syngenta’s Minecto Pro insecticide has received EPA registration and approval for use in specialty and vegetable crops to control lepidopteran pests as well as sucking/rasping/chewing pests like mites, whiteflies, psyllids, thrips, and Colorado potato beetles. “Minecto Pro is a new foliar insecticide that answers the industry’s request for a broad spectrum solution with long-lasting residual […]

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