Steward EC

FMC: Confronting corn rootworm takes multi-point strategy

· August 29, 2018

For farmers who grow continuous corn, corn rootworm is a pest that growers must deal with on an annual basis. And over the decades, growers have learned you can’t really rely on one single tactic. “We had the insecticides we developed in the 70s and 80s that were very effective, but we learned over time […]

FMC offers new option for corn rootworm beetle control

· December 1, 2017

Post-harvest is a great time to review, specifically your corn rootworm control plan. Was your 2017 strategy a win-win or a complete fail? We had the opportunity to catch up with Tom Koranek, Great Plains Business Manager, FMC, on a new product the company is registering for corn rootworm control,  Steward EC. Koraneck said the […]

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