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Specialty crops can receive assistance with safety certification

· June 17, 2022

The USDA’s Food Safety Certification for Specialty Crops program will assist specialty producers with expenses related to complying with regulations and food safety certification. Producers can apply for assistance beginning June 27, 2022, with costs incurred after June 21, 2022. Agricultural Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that up to $200 million in assistance will be available […]

Signup to receive 2022 Census of Agriculture ends June 30

· May 19, 2022

Agricultural producers have until June 30 to sign up to be able to take part in the 2022 Census of Agriculture. Taken only once every five years by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, the census provides a complete count of U.S. farms and ranches and the people who operate them. The […]

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