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EU residue ruling opens doors for specialty crop growers

· June 25, 2018

Exporting tree nuts to EU countries has just gotten simpler for U.S. specialty crop growers after an EU ruling increasing the maximum residue level (MRL) limit. The ruling was based on residue data developed by IR-4 and almond, pistachio, and walnut grower groups under a USDA grant with support from Verdesian Life Sciences. Confirming Verdesian’s […]

Verdesian: Harvest a good time to spot those nitrogen losses

· September 22, 2017

Sustainability can mean a lot of different things depending on a farmer’s perspective but for Verdesian Life Sciences, it’s all about making sure a grower is sustainable not only environmentally but also economically. “We believe strongly you can do both,” said Dr. Darin Lickfeldt, Senior Technical Development Manager for Verdesian. “We can push their yields […]

Protecting nitrogen during sidedress can provide viable ROI

· May 31, 2017

After getting pelted with as much as seven to 10 inches of rain in 10 days in the Corn Belt, many farmers that applied 100 percent of his or her nitrogen (N) in a pre-plant application, might have found they lost a great deal to the weather now. But farmers can adjust their N plans […]

Verdesian: Wet or dry, nitrogen loss is inevitable

· May 15, 2017

Applying the nitrogen (N) your corn crop needs can be challenging, rain or shine. The weather is often the first condition in preventing farmers from getting into the field to make pre-plant, topdress, or sidedress applications. “Ideal conditions to apply N would be spoon feeding it during the growing season, just before the plant needs […]

Groundswell podcast opens up grower, agronomist dialogue

· May 4, 2017

A new podcast series by GroundWork is bringing all the agronomic players together. Through Groundswell, farmers, agronomists, and researchers can weigh in on new tools, technologies, and practices that help farmers sustain their land by improving water quality and soil health. “Farmers should feel encouraged by what our partners in the field are sharing,” says […]

Improve nitrogen efficiency by splitting applications

· April 18, 2017

Looking to improve nitrogen efficiency? Verdesian Life Sciences says try splitting nitrogen (N) applications and following pre-plant N applications at lower rates with a sidedress or topdress application this growing season. “More farmers are adopting the 4Rs of Nutrient Stewardship, which includes good timing to put the N down when the plant needs it,” says […]

Verdesian: If planting early, apply a starter fertilizer

· April 11, 2017

The unseasonably warm early spring weather across the Midwest this year has been tempting for growers to get out in the field ahead of schedule. However, if you’re going to plant early, you’re going to need a starter fertilizer, said Verdesian Life Sciences experts. “Farmers that plant early are doing so into cool soils and […]

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