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Using corn crop leftovers to improve water quality

· April 27, 2021

Corn is America’s top agricultural crop, and it’s also one that has the most residue leftover. About half the harvest — stalks, leaves, husks, and cobs — remains as waste after the kernels have been stripped from the cobs. These leftovers, known as corn stover, have few commercial or industrial uses aside from burning. A […]

Clean Waters Act

Purina joins Ducks Unlimited in Iowa water quality initiative

· August 15, 2018

Ducks Unlimited and Purina have partnered to protect and improve 1,600 acres of wetland and grasslands across Iowa over the next three years through Ducks Unlimited’s Living Lakes Initiative, promoting healthy soil, healthy crops, and healthy wildlife habitat. Purina, which operates three pet food manufacturing facilities in Iowa and sources high-quality ingredients for its dog […]

Monsanto highlights 2017 progress in sustainability report

· July 12, 2018

Monsanto has made substantial progress on a host of sustainability commitments and programs in the areas of climate-smart agriculture, water quality, biodiversity, food security, and operational efficiencies. The company continues to be guided by its Growing Better Together sustainability plan which has three main focus areas: Better Planet, Better Lives, and Better Partner. “We’re proud […]

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Monsanto, Climate Corp, ISU to start water quality project

· June 6, 2018

Monsanto and The Climate Corporation are partnering up with the Iowa State University (ISU) Department of Agronomy to create an infrastructure project designed to monitor water quality and downstream nitrate loss. The project will provide researchers with valuable information on management practices that help keep nitrogen fertilizer from entering surrounding waterways. Monsanto and The Climate […]

Livestock water quality may not be up to par after drought

· May 9, 2018

After last year’s drought conditions across several regions in the U.S. many producers may want to check their water quality before turning out their livestock. “Runoff from snowmelt and spring rains may not be enough to replenish depleted ponds and dugouts, and water quality in ponds and dugouts still may be compromised by concentrated levels […]

GROW Act would include cover crop incentives

· March 19, 2018

Late last week, Iowa’s Sens. Joni Ernst (R-IA) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) as well as Sens. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Bob Casey Jr. (D-PA) introduced the Give our Resources the Opportunity to Work Act or GROW Act. The act would maintain funding and acreage levels for the farm bill’s three largest conservation programs: the Conservation […]

Iowa bill would dedicate $300M to water quality

· January 25, 2018

Iowa House lawmakers passed legislation this week, increasing state dollars to improve Iowa’s water quality, a hotly contested issue in the state since 2015. The House bill mirrors a bill passed by the Iowa Senate during the 2017 legislative session and now Senate File 512 awaits Governor Reynolds’s signature. The Iowa Corn Growers Association sees […]

drought plans

NDSU: Hauling water short-term fix during drought

· July 18, 2017

During a drought, good quality water is vital for livestock. In fact, a 10 percent loss of body water is fatal to most domestic livestock species. Carl Dahlen, NDSU Extension beef cattle specialist, says the amount of water livestock need depends on the conditions and type of animal. The general estimates of daily water intake […]

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