USDA’s $12 billion aid package gets mixed reviews from ag

· August 28, 2018

The USDA’s announcement Monday with more details on the $12 billion aid package was met with mixed reactions from the agriculture and livestock sector. Some said thanks and some said trade not aid. Through the Market Facilitation Program (MFP) in the Trump Tariff Aid Plan, sorghum producers will receive 86 cents per bushel. This initial […]

Fleet of combines rolls in to finish harvest after farmer dies

· August 22, 2018

After this Saskatchewan farm community lost one of their own last week, more than 100 volunteers showed up to help the family finish the durum wheat harvest. Last Friday 68-year-old Brian Williams passed away and while his family was still grieving, his neighbors and friends descended upon the family farm Sunday with 20 combines and […]


ND Ag Commissioner warns farmers of unauthorized sampling

· August 20, 2018

North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring is warning farmers about the possibility of individuals impersonating state employees in order to take photos and samples of grain. “We’ve received calls from concerned farmers about individuals acting in an official capacity, taking photos and samples of their wheat fields,” Goehring said. “It was perceived that this individual […]

wheat varieties

K-State researchers crack code on bread wheat genome

· August 17, 2018

Kansas State University scientists, in collaboration with the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium, have finally nailed down a detailed description of the complete genome of bread wheat, the world’s most widely-cultivated crop. This work will pave the way for the production of varieties better adapted to climate challenges, with higher yields, enhanced nutritional quality, and […]

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