12 of the best Banned By Stonyfield memes on Facebook


Barely a month ago, Stonyfield Organic had the tables turned on its misleading and sensationalizing marketing campaign that used young children to peddle an anti-GMO message. The science community, parents, and many American farmers voiced their concerns, citing an array of scientific knowledge. 

Stonyfield’s response was not to engage but to ban. And it did so in waves, kicking hundreds of people off its page and deleting thousands of comments. They also called everyone “fakes.” In wake of that response, the Banned By Stonyfield Facebook group emerged, where the real people who Stonyfield tried to silence came together to speak in the name of farming and science. 

Many of the Banned By Stonyfield members have created clever, insightful (sometimes sarcastic), and fun memes to help spread the message of science and to support agriculture. Here are 12 of the best ones we’ve seen posted there (so far):













A recent piece published on the My Job Depends on Ag website titled “Banned by Stonyfield Farm — The Follies of Really Bad Marketing” shows just how lasting the concerns over Stonyfield’s tactics are.


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