5 of the best lawn tractor tires on the market


If you have a good amount of land, your lawn and garden tractors are an integral part of what you have going on. And with as little time as you really have to mow grass and work in the garden, you can’t afford a day off due to a bad tire. And nails and other problems do happen.

The Internet gives us a great opportunity to comparison-shop, something that hadn’t always been as available in the past. Guides like this one can give you an overview of turf vs. ag tires, and things like bead and compaction are worth mentioning. Meanwhile, a more in-depth exploration of how to buy the right tire for a machine of any size can be found here.

With online sites, you can peruse at your leisure the many options for tires. Below are our Top 5 picks for lawn and garden tires — with a special blend of features we think represent great quality and cost.

1. Deestone D407

Perfect for a small farm’s yard

The Deestone family of tires is well-known for quality in all regards, and the D407 models are no exception. A great lawn and garden tractor tire designed to deliver both wet and dry traction, as well as durability, the D407 offers top-flight handling in a variety of agricultural applications. Featuring an engineered tread pattern and large footprint, the tire sports a strong nylon casing and provides reliable steering on loose soil without compaction. In tire size 13×5.00-6, rim width is 3.5 with max load/PSI at 440/40. The 16×6.50-8 model has a rim width of 5.375 and 615/28 max load/PSI. This tire would be perfect for around the house, barns, or large gardens.

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2. Carlisle Air-Loc Sawtooth Rib

Multi-use small industrial and lawn and garden

A member of the Carlisle family, the Air-Loc Sawtooth Rib belongs to the Sawtooth grouping, which provides smooth rolling performance, ideal for utility-based equipment, such as wheelbarrows, pressure washers, power generators, hand trucks, and lawn equipment. The Air-Loc Sawtooth Rib 4.10/3.50-6 specifically is designed for a maximum load of 445 pounds, with a tread depth of 4/32nd. This provides great performance on grass, rock, or pavement with easy forward and reverse direction capability, and staggered ribs for traction.

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3. Deestone D837 15/6-6

Rough and ready, easy to repair

The Deestone D837 15/6-6 tire is a rough and ready addition to the lawn and garden team. Tubeless, it has a B load range with 2-ply, 4-ply, and 6-ply construction. The maximum load weight being 1,050 pounds and 48 psi, the Deestone D837 can take a real drubbing in the dirt. Tubeless tires are easier to repair in the case of a puncture by way of invisible nails in the dirt. The Deestone D837 ranges in sizes widely so lots of models and makes work well with it.

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4. OTR Smooth 

Easy rider

The OTR Smooth 13/6.5-6 boasts improved heady-duty semi-pneumatic, flat proof design with a pneumatic ride. This model comes with a locked tire design, offering a one-piece wheel assembly with enhanced rubber technology that reduces shock and lowers vibration. Tire performance on small equipment is improved with the close tire tolerance offered by the OTR Smooth series.

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5. Kenda K367

Residential lawn specialist

The Kenda K367 18/6.5-8 is ideal for the residential lawn, featuring chevron lugs for additional traction without damage to the turf. Elongated chevron bars ensure easy cleaning to prevent slippage, and a variety of fits available for multiple models of mowers and lawn tractors. Max loads range from 515 to 1,160 pounds with psi ranging from 14 to 24. Ideal for home or the farm house.

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