5 great front small-tractor and implement tires


The muck and the mud of farm living makes tractor tires an absolute must for an operation of any size. If you’ve been plugging along on the same brand and style that your grandpa used, it would be well worth a few minutes investigate your options. The old days of being limited to one tire store down the road are thankfully over now with the Internet and sites like SimpleTire.

Right now, we’re going to talk about front tires for small tractors and implements. Below are our Top 5 picks of front tires for compact machines, with a myriad of features we think represent great quality and design for ag — plus they have options suited for weather and terrain as diverse as the land itself.

1. Titan TT49V 

Great for use with sprayers

The Titan TT49V is part of a new Low Sidewall Technology offered by Titan and Goodyear brands as featured in recent farm shows. The LSW helps farmers maximize productivity and allows for faster travelling by way of its smaller sidewall which reduces swaying. The TT49V was developed for high clearance with the row crop market as a primary focus. This tire is designed to fit on a wide range of farm implements and come in an array of sizes, featuring a deeper tread than typical R-1 tires for improved traction. Offered in a variety of sizes, consider this a great tire for use with sprayers.

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2. Crop Max F2

Terrific on muddy ground

The Crop Max F2 is part of the Gallagher Tire Inc. family of offerings with designs in mind for tricky surfaces. A farm front tire featuring unique tread geometry, the Crop Max F2 is great for maneuvering in any direction, be it in mud, sand or loose soil. The tire’s flexible carcass structure enhances this by preventing it from sinking. Featuring high levels of straight line stability, the Crop Max F2 allows to work at high speeds without breaking down. An improved thread compound makes it highly resistant to side impacts, tread base fatigue, cutting and wearing.

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3. BKT TF9090 Front Tractor F-2

Perfect for use with front-end loaders and mowers

The BKT TF9090 Front Tractor F-2 is one of the BKT series engineered as a field-oriented tire, designed for 2WD tractors in soil tillage operations. These models are specifically designed to ensure extra puncture resistance, such as can be found when bush-hogging through pastures. This is an ideal front tractor tire for front loaders and mowers. The BKT TF9090 Front Tractor F-2 features a strong nylon carcass and provides easy steering thanks to its three-rib design construction which allows maneuvering in a variety of directions. The tire is really designed for a maximum load carry of 560 kilograms at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour, but can drive at 40 kilometers per hour with a load of 450 kilograms, something to keep in mind when hauling loads.

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4. Carlisle Farm Specialist I-1 Implement

Front tires first

The Carlisle line of tires runs the gamut of home, garden and of course farm. The Farm Specialist I-1 is a small front tire featuring a wide rip tread which avails itself to floatation on farm implements while providing excellent lateral stability and rolling resistance. The flotation features allow farmers to get through muddy ground without getting stuck, an absolute must for all-around work on a farm. One of the more diverse tires out there, the Carlisle Farm Specialist I-1 comes in a wide assortment of sizes and stylings to meet the needs of tractors large and small. The 4/-9 sizing offers a max load of 550 pounds with inflation pressure up to 44 PSI and 3-inch rim width.

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5. Alliance (303) Front F-2 Rib 6/-19

On-road or off-road options

The Alliance (303) Front F-2 Rib 6/-19 brings the improved F-2 design and is better looking than predecessors with its rib design which suits both on-road and off-road applications. The rib angles and radius helps while driving on the road, a useful function for many tractors whether hauling hay or moving from field to field. An additional layer of tough rubber beneath the treads is resistant to penetration and helps sidewall deflection. New compounds used in the Alliance (303) Front F-2 Rib 6/-19 help provide resistance to cuts and uneven wear, also helping in the transition from off-road to on-road usage.

Definitely shop around for farm tires as product innovations arrive each season. Even with older tractors and machines ever present on the farm, tires are piece that need to be updated and maintained regularly.

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