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Latest additions to the M Series family of tractors from Kubota


Kubota Tractor Corporation recently announced the new M4 Series to the company’s utility tractor line. The series offers three models — M4D-061 with 65.4 horsepower and 52 PTO, M4-071, and M4D-071 with 73.2 horsepower and 60 PTO — including one Standard and two Deluxe models. The M4 Series was designed to meet the needs of small cattle and hobby farmers, ideal for carrying round bales, pulling a small baler, loader work, raking hay, and much more. The new addition to the M Series is now available at authorized Kubota dealers nationwide.

Category II Pressurized Cab: Enhanced Comfort and Greater Visibility

All three models have enhanced features for the utmost operator comfort, including a Category II pressurized cab to give operators a more dust-free work environment, along with air conditioning to maintain pleasant temperatures no matter the season. The cab is complete with a high visibility roof panel and retractable shade for increased visibility and safety, especially while using a loader to stack bales, lift pallet forks, or move landscape materials. Operators will enjoy easy-to-access ergonomic controls in the cab, along with doors on both sides for better accessibility.

Powerful Transmission and Engine

For a utility tractor, the M4 Series has a powerful engine to easily accomplish any job. The tractors have a 12F/12R transmission with two ranges and six speeds per range — as one of the only manufacturers to offer this type of transmission as standard in this horsepower range — with the option to add a creep range. Customers can seamlessly shift between gears, and simply pressing the de-clutch button — which eliminates the need to depress the clutch pedal when shifting to different gears within a range — gives operators more comfort and less fatigue when operating for long hours. The electric hydraulic shuttle enables the operator to effortlessly change directions with a simple finger movement, and without having to completely let go of the steering wheel or stop the tractor’s momentum to switch direction.

Features for Convenience

The M4 Series comes standard with constant RPM management which ensures stable operation and increases efficiency. This feature keeps the engine speed steady and prevents the PTO speed from falling under heavy loads and while operating in diverse terrain. Another great feature is RPM dual memory, which allows operators to save frequently used RPM speeds. Operators can easily set the A & B settings and switch between the two RPM speeds without having to manually manipulate the throttle. For convenience, the M4 Deluxe comes standard with electronic four-wheel drive engagement. This feature will engage while operating in two-wheel drive mode, if both brake pedals are pressed. The electronic four-wheel drive engagement makes traveling and four-wheel brake engagement smoother, easier and more consistent.

Implements Abundant

From the versatile front loader and its included grill guard to a variety of tillers and hay tools, the M4 Series maintains superior performance with many implements and attachments. The tractors are equipped with telescopic lower links, allowing for seamless attachment and detachment of rear implements. With 16.7 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow, all models have a faster loader cycle time for improved performance of hydraulic implements. The tractors’ loader capabilities are perfect for farm or ranch needs, whether stacking bales, moving pallets, or transporting materials – the M4 Series is up for the task.

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