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Agri-D Convention will unite global experts to explore the future of our food


The preliminary agenda for the free Virtual Agri-D Convention, which is being held virtually Nov. 12, has been released, and there is a lot for those interested in blockchain technology to anticipate. The range of topics will explore the use of the technology as a tool to support sustainable, inclusive, and more resilient food systems of the future.

The center stage has been clearly saved to focus the discussion on the human aspects of agriculture and the food industry — bringing attention to the important role blockchain and other technologies can play in supporting sustainable and social development in all aspects of the sector. With speakers and panelists from the UN World Food Program, the World Trade Organization, EIT Food, Blockchain Chamber of Commerce, and other global organizations, the Agri-D Convention will provide an open access opportunity to explore and learn within its open platform.

The goal is to allow a global audience to gain a new understanding of blockchain technology and its potential role as a key player in the tech toolbox in helping to facilitate more secure and inclusive opportunities for the future of our food.

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With support from the IOTA Foundation, the technology side of things is also well represented. International leading projects such as IOTA, Hyperledger, IBM, Accenture, and The Linux Foundation will look at the use of distributed ledger technology, with such sessions as Technology as a Tool for Social Good, Blockchain Solutions to Disrupt Global Hunger, and Leading Global Agriculture through Data Driven Farming. 


Other innovators, such as AgriLedger, AgriDigital, AgUnity, and Dimitra, will the stories of the real-world impact of the technology they have created and how this is providing security and value to rural communities around the globe.

“Working towards solutions is not something we can do alone,” said Adam Eunson, the event’s coordinator. “Although we may be able to facilitate and provide support and guidance along the way, it is only through our combined efforts that we can succeed in bringing about change. Building a stronger, more inclusive future where we don’t have to ask the questions like, ‘What is wrong with our food system?’”

Agri-D Convention will feature over 50 sessions alongside an interactive virtual exhibition that provides an international representation of the potential uses of DLT & Blockchain Technology within agriculture and the food supply chain. With a focus on providing an inclusive platform that can help open up access to a global audience through its free event. Helping to provide as many people as possible with the knowledge and tools to move towards more secure and inclusive opportunities for rural communities and the future of food.

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