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Altoz TRX tracked zero-turn mower is turning heads


Have you seen an Altoz TRX mower in action? Neither had we until the recent Ag PhD Field Day in Baltic, South Dakota. The Greenbush, Minnesota company was on hand to showcase the industry’s first tracked zero-turn mower.

According to Bryan Erickson with Altoz, the light commercial mowers range somewhere in the $7,500 retail area but it is the commercial grade transmissions, depth thickness, and quality that sets it apart.

“Our main feature is precision mowing which is kind of our catch phrase. That’s what we go with and so they have been engineered to make a superior cut,” Erickson said. “The other thing that we are famous for right now is our track mowers … our TRX.

Altoz tracks are specifically designed for the TRX with track patterns that allow for maximum traction and stability yet minimal ground disturbance when turning — resulting in significant less ground pressure and turf tears.

Erickson said the TRX has three major advantages by having the tracks:

  1. Side-hill mowing: Altoz prides itself on the stability the mowers offer on hills.
  2. Wetlands mowing: Where the traditional wheeled machine can get stuck quite easily mowing wet ditches or up holding or retaining ponds, Altoz will float right over the top with a bigger footprint.
  3. Rough area mowing: The TRX is also geared for mowing near power lines, around freeway exit ramps, and in rough terrain ditches.

“We can do it safer, faster, and get a better cut,” Erickson said.

Want to see the TRX in action? The mower has been turning heads with this viral video posted last October on Facebook.

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