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American LandMaster unveils limited-edition LandStar Untamed


If you like to venture off the farm during hunting season, American LandMaster’s LandStar Untamed might just be the perfect utility vehicle for you. This customized limited-edition UTV is outfitted to appeal to hunters across the country.

Two Untamed models are available. The LS550EPS will be produced with a limited-edition Desert Tan frame, while the LS677EPS will be available for a limited time with a Forest Green frame. Both units are equipped with electronic power steering, which when married with the already highly maneuverable 48-inch LandStar platform, makes navigating tight trails a breeze.

Every LandStar Untamed is outfitted with the HuntBundle accessories, which include a dual gun rack and 13-inch LED light bar to light the trail or help locate fallen game after dark. The front rack provides additional storage while the winch kit helps Drag game or gear from hard-to-reach locations. Meanwhile, the solid steel CV guards and skid plate protect the undercarriage in virtually every terrain.

American LandMaster will be building only 50 of each configuration. The dealer pre-order opened June 18 and will close July 16 when orders start shipping. Final shipments will deliver no later than Aug. 31.

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