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Apache launches its first hydrostatic sprayer


Apache has released its first hydrostatic sprayer. While hydrostatic self-propelled sprayers may not be new, but it is new for Apache. In addition to announcing its new sprayer and updates to existing mechanical drive sprayers, Apache will celebrate 25 years in the industry in 2021. 

Apache is known for their mechanical sprayers, but decided to reach the needs of more farmers and designed its first hydrostatic sprayer — the HS1100 — which features clearance up to 70 inches. This totally new model took years to research and develop, CEO Matt Hays said. Hays continued, “This is the only rear boom high clearance sprayer in North America.” Although two other companies have the same clearance, Apache is the only one with ultra high rear boom clearance.  


The HS1100 has 1,120 gallons of tank capacity. Weighing in at a total of 28,225 pounds, farmers have a lightweight, yet durable option for their needs. The new Apache sprayer also includes a Cummins T4F engine. The machine uses Rexroth Hydrostatic Drive System which allows the operator to choose between three different drive modes — Conventional Hyrodrastic Drive, ECO Friendly (better fuel efficiency), or Standard Food Pedal Driver (useful for road travel). More features include:

  • Crop Clearance: 60″-70″ hydraulic adjustable
  • Four-Wheel Steer: Slope compensation and back axle correction.
  • Crab-Steer: Enhanced mobility in tight places
  • Adjustable track width: 120”-160”
  • Boom options include Pommier 100’, 120’ or 132’ aluminum. 
  • Removable hydrostatic control handle to use remotely for the booms outside of the cab
  • Front entry ladder for easy access to the cab

Check out the video for more details of the new HS1100 sprayer here

In addition to the new sprayer announcement, Apache has also updated their mechanical sprayers. Apache’s mechanical sprayers include the AS650, AS850, AS1050, and the AS1250/AS1250XP.

The new HS1100 and the updated sprayers are now available for purchase. They are currently in the fields being used this summer. For more information and to find a dealer near you, check out their website

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