What if artificial intelligence wrote a machinery review?


It’s no surprise that artificial intelligence technology has taken hold in so many industries, especially with the company goals of improving output efficiency — which often means faster production, fewer workers, or both. It’s also now possible to write articles and essays using AI. While in its current form it’s generally focused on short, punchy things like social media blurbs, the intelligence and algorithms are improving to where student essays and article topics can be explored. But this tech isn’t perfect by all means, and we at AGDAILY got curious about how AI writing it would translate into something like a machinery review. 

In November 2022, we published a genuine, hands-on review of Can-Am’s Defender DPS HD7 utility vehicle. So, how would AI writing software handle such a task? Think the computers could do it better than a real-life person could?

Sure, we expect that an AI-generated writeup would pull from other online sources and get the “technical” aspects from Can-Am’s official website, but would it be able to go beyond something generic and superficial? Let’s find out!

The homepage for artificial intelligence writing platform Smodin

Using the free program Smodin, we plugged in the title of our own published review article and used the first description on Can-Am’s Defender page as the “outline”: “Built extra tough to take you way beyond the daily grind, Defender is the most capable Can-Am Side-by-Side for work. On worksites, hunting trips, in agribusiness & anywhere you need it gets the job done right.”

Below are the results, with some minor edits for clarity. The software even approached it as a review from a first-person writing perspective, so it does make a solid effort to fool the reader. And just to be clear, despite what the AI headline says, we are talking about a utility vehicle, not a firearm, but we left that on there because that’s what the software produced.

Here’s the AI-generated review of the Defender DPS HD7:

The Can-Am Defender DPS HD7 is a versatile and handy defensive firearm

The powerful Defender delivers superior performance with control, giving riders the confidence to go almost anywhere. Every Defender is equipped with Can-Am’s exclusive TTA-HD rear suspension for optimum comfort, rideability and durability. The TTA-HD borrows from the unique and proven Can-Am TTA rear suspension, but has been redesigned to handle heavier loads. The Defender features a versatile 4-mode traction system, three selectable engine operating modes, an exceptional tight turning radius and a specially tuned Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) for improved maneuverability and a comfortable suspension, travel is 10 inches (25.4 cm).

When I fired up the Defender DPS HD7, I was impressed with how quietly it ran despite having a relatively powerful motor. This particular model has a 52hp Rotax ACE underneath, which is plenty of power for the jobs I want to do with it. Those looking to tow more might opt ​​for the HD9’s 65-horsepower engine or the HD10’s 82-horsepower engine.

When it comes to tough jobs, the Defender will impress with its class-leading towing, hauling and payload capabilities. All Defender vehicles are equipped with intelligent and adaptable solutions to work smarter. The utility cargo box holds up to 1,000 pounds (600 pounds on the California model) and is easy to empty. Additionally, it is compatible with LinQ quick-connect fittings and is functionally designed for workers with multiple built-in recesses, cutouts, walls and attachment points. The Defender range of vehicles offers exceptional comfort and optimized ergonomics for a wide range of users. The spacious and intuitive cockpit features tilt steering, A-pillars configured for improved entry/exit and visibility, and a VERSA-PRO seat with 40/20/40 seating for three adults and a large number of modules change. The most versatile cockpit in the industry features highly modular dashboard storage with dedicated quick-connect toolbox, removable waterproof under-seat storage, cup holders and more.

Extremely capable off-road, the Defender is a true workhorse, featuring an all-new, high-precision, laser-cut tongue-and-groove chassis with car-like technology and manufacturing tolerances to match a modern pickup truck — the world’s first. High-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) steel means a harder design to handle the stress of heavy loads. Can-Am engineers put the Defender through a new rigorous field test cycle at the winter and summer proving grounds to ensure its robustness.

The best Can-Am in the world with a 6′ x 4.5′ truck bed and unmatched off-road torque. For work, farm, ranch, hunting and recreational driving, the Defender PRO is designed to expand the capabilities of side-by-side vehicles. Prices start at $30,408.

Those of us who cover events such as the National Farm Machinery Show and Farm Progress Days probably don’t have much to worry about just yet from artificial intelligence, but technology changes fast. And we can’t help but wonder as staffs continue to shrink, will we see more of these kinds of articles in the mainstream media or even in ag news? We sure hope not!

For reference, here is a screenshot of the first part of what the AI software generated:


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