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CartACE simplifies unloading on-the-go for producers


As a fill-in grain cart driver myself, there are often times when I wish I could be on the farm full time in order to know every hand signal or even read the combine driver’s mind to know exactly what he wants me to do when we unload on-the-go. If only there was technology to make this easier. This fall, we will be one step  closer to this technology. With the start of Harvest 2020, Ag Leader will conduct a limited beta release of a new grain cart connectivity feature, CartACE, with select Midwest dealers and customers. InCommand displays use DisplayCast to give the grain cart operator assistance while unloading on-the-go.

It’s getting harder to find experienced operators to fill critical roles like operating the grain cart. It takes a certain level of expertise, which CartACE approaches in a practical and economical way that can be accomplished with existing display and connectivity technology. CartACE turns an average vehicle driver into a skilled grain cart operator through providing the right tools and assistance during high stress and high error prone harvest tasks.

CartACE shares a live map of the combine’s progress and location through InCommand displays, helping the operator know when and where the combine needs to unload and which part of the field to drive on. The InCommand display in the grain cart automatically generates a guidance line alongside the combine and the operator simply presses a button to engage autosteer. While the operator is still responsible for safe operation of the vehicle, they can now focus their attention on unloading on-the-go.

No more guessing where the combine is or watching for that amber flashing light. With this new technology, grain cart operators know exactly when and where to meet the combine to unload.

CartACE utlizes existing equipment and technology on machines within your operation making it cost effective for any operation. Connectivity is facilitated through a cellular connection of your choice. For a connectivity package that fits your needs, talk with your local dealer. 

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