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Case IH 2018 includes new Maxxum, CVT for Steiger


In the market for some new farm machinery for 2018? Case IH has just unveiled a new lineup of Maxxum series tractors as well as the CVXDrive continuously variable transmission for Steiger tractors.

The Maxxum 2018 enhancements combine efficient power, versatility, comfort, and convenience to handle the day-to-day demands of beef, dairy, and row crop operations. Plus, the new ActiveDrive 8 transmission delivers uninterrupted torque through more working speeds, faster shuttle shifts, and simplified shifting.

“New Maxxum tractors are loaded with powertrain innovation to bring more productivity to your operation,” said Cole Carling, Marketing Manager for Case IH Maxxum, Puma, and Optum tractors. “We are launching the most innovative features for Maxxum tractors since the transition to the patented SCR-only emissions solution in 2012.”

Producers now can choose between three configurations: the ActiveDrive 4 semi-powershift transmission, new ActiveDrive 8 dual-clutch transmission, and CVXDrive continuously variable transmission. Designed to increase productivity, the new ActiveDrive 8 24-speed transmission features eight powershift speeds in three electronically shifted ranges. The middle range offers working speeds between 2.4 and 10.7 mph without torque interruptions or requiring range changes.

“We anticipate producers will use the middle range for 90 percent of field applications,” said Carling. “With ActiveDrive 8, the transmission automatically selects the right gear, not ‘just’ the next gear, when the operator requests more or less ground speed.”

A key attribute to the ultimate loader tractor is the ability to aggressively shuttle between forward and reverse. With just the simple push of a button, the responsiveness of the dedicated forward and reverse shuttle clutches can be tailored to a producer’s loading task.

Looking for something to tackle some non-typical ag operations? New for the 2018 lineup, the CVXDrive continuously variable transmission (CVT) from Case IH marks the latest advancement in a 60-year track record of innovations for Steiger tractors.

The strongest CVT on the market is available in tractors from 370 to 540 horsepower — with up to 605 peak horsepower. And CVXDrive offers an all-new range of productivity enhancements with its smooth, seamless power transfer, continuously variable speed, and easy shuttle operation, plus reduced fuel consumption in applications that require frequent use of roading and variable power demands.

Courtesy of Case IH

“The Steiger is the first continuously variable transmission to be offered in a 4WD articulated tractor and delivers the highest horsepower available on the market,” said Mitch Kaiser, Case IH Steiger Tractor Marketing Manager. “This powerful package gives operators even greater control and productivity year-round over a traditional powershift tractor — from row crop applications such as planting and nutrient management to specialty work from silage packing to laying drain tile and land reclamation. It’s one more tool producers have to optimize their operation.”

Available in 17 different configurations in Quadtrac, Rowtrac, wheeled and scraper options, producers now have a choice between the time-tested and efficient PowerDrive powershift transmission and the intelligent CVXDrive. The Steiger CVXDrive delivers seamless performance without breaking traction to the ground for applications including slurry hauling, tile plowing, and scraper work. Operating the CVXDrive is as simple as setting it and forgetting it — easy-to-use controls let the operator dial in the desired speed and power transfer from 3 feet per minute to 25 mph.

“Steiger CVXDrive is another example of the Case IH Customer Driven Product Development process,” Kaiser said. “Over a period of four years, we tested the tractor with more than 100 producers and contractors across the country to get their feedback.”

Putting the performance to work is easy for any range of operators, from novice to experienced. The CVXDrive is operated with the same intuitive easy-to-use controls found in Case IH Magnum™, Optum, Puma, and Maxxum series tractors with continuously variable transmissions. The integrated split-throttle on the MultiControl Armrest lets operators focus on the application at hand, and it assures farm managers the tractor is running as efficiently as possible in every situation. Once the operator sets the desired speed, CVXDrive automatically selects the most efficient transmission range.

The benefits translate to a range of traditional applications and extend beyond farming. The CVXDrive transmission produces greater precision and control over inputs, from planting to seeding to fertilizing to spraying. And the low-speed power generates increased performance and faster cycle times with reduced slippage for tile plow and scraper applications, as well as heavy-duty tillage. For uses beyond farming, like loose material handling, faster shuttle speed operation provides seamless forward and reverse movement to increase productivity and efficiency.

“Sometimes, if you don’t know what you’re missing, you just don’t know. And that would be my case,” said Brad Wade, a producer from McLean, Illinois. “I’d never driven a CVT before, and within about 10 minutes of running the CVXDrive on the Steiger, it became apparent that this will be a game changer for my auger wagon and planter. It just really will make an operation a lot more efficient and be easier on the operator, as well.”

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