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Case IH introduces fastest liquid/dry applicator


Convert from liquid to dry in as little as 42 minutes? You can with the new Case IH Trident 5550 liquid/dry combination applicator.

The new Case IH Trident 5550 liquid/dry combination applicator is the industry’s fastest converting combination applicator on a row-crop chassis and has been engineered from the ground up to be changed from liquid to dry and back again throughout three seasons of use.

“Efficient use of capital and resources is a priority for everyone in agriculture these days,” said Mark Burns, Case IH Application Equipment Marketing Manager. “So is timely application and nutrient delivery. The Trident 5550 combination applicator delivers on both fronts.”

No. 1 on the priority list for Case IH, Burns said, was to design a true combination applicator from the ground up.

“Other so-called combination applicators simply are adaptations of an existing spray rig or other application equipment,” Burns explained. “The Trident 5550 is an all-new, single-chassis applicator that quickly converts from liquid to dry and back to liquid, making it a valuable piece of equipment across three seasons of use.”

The Trident 5550 combination applicator gives producers and commercial applicators the flexibility in a single piece of equipment to meet the demands of fertilizer and crop protection applications.

Courtesy of Case IH

A combination applicator that takes several employees the better part of the day to convert isn’t a true combination applicator, Burns said. Fast changeover times for the Trident 5550 combination applicator starts with the new Case IH Aerial Lift Device.

“We’ve switched the Trident 5550 from liquid to dry in as little as 42 minutes with three people — and that was outside using a telescoping telehandler,” Burns said.

The Trident 5550 Liquid System offers the latest Case IH application technology, including AIM Command FLEX advanced spray technology. AIM Command FLEX delivers:

  • Precise product flow and spray pressure.
  • Efficient, effective applications by eliminating overapplication and underapplication.
  • Turn compensation for accurate, precise application across the boom, even around corners or on contours.

The Trident 5550 combination applicator also features the optional New Leader​ NL4500T G4 Edge variable rate dry nutrient applicator and a new level of precision dry-product application.

“The NL4500T G4 Edge uses patented precision spinner technology,” Burns said. “It spreads dry product faster, wider, and more consistently.” And it does so with outstanding flexibility.

The MultApplier option increases productivity by allowing application of two dry products simultaneously or independently at straight or variable rates in one pass.

“Micronutrients continue to gain popularity,” Burns said. “The MultiBin option increases application options to four products in a single pass. That means fewer trips across the field for reduced soil compaction, labor, and fuel consumption.”

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