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FarmCommand Scouting App pinpoints issues early on


Farmers Edge has launched a new app-based scouting tool for monitoring and addressing field conditions. Integrated with the Next-Gen FarmCommand platform, FarmCommand Scouting will leverage high-resolution satellite imagery from Farmers Edge to pre-emptively pinpoint disease, pest, weed, and drainage issues that could impact overall farm productivity allowing growers to make critical, real-time decisions that will ultimately bolster their bottom lines.

Unlike traditional scouting apps, FarmCommand Scouting features new Field Variability Maps allowing growers to pin-point issues earlier than ever before. As typical crop health maps rely on visible vegetation for data and recommendations, Field Variability Maps isolate specific areas of concern with early-season imagery.

The new app stores and records all scouting information within FarmCommand, downloads map layers, and utilizes GPS navigation to help pinpoint and navigate to potential problem areas. As an additional feature, growers have access to a quick-reference list of common field issues, including weeds, diseases, and crop injuries, ensuring that they’re able to readily identify and respond to common threats. Other benefits and features of the FarmCommand Scouting tool include:

  • Allows the user to drop a marker, take pictures, and notes.
  • Syncs to FarmCommand, providing communication, and storage of field records along with all farm data from all sources in the same UI.
  • Allows for fast and thorough scouting entries and observation-based recommendations.
  • Available for any android or iOS based mobile device.
  • Works with or without a cell signal.

“Our global growers have established themselves as industry leaders in ensuring a more sustainable and profitable agriculture future, and FarmCommand Scouting will help this future arrive even sooner than we anticipated,” said Wade Barnes, President and CEO of Farmers Edge. “Alongside our other innovations, such as Corn Manager and our Next-Gen FarmCommand platform, this tool stands as another example of how Farmers Edge is pushing the industry from precision to decision agriculture.”

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