Christmas Gift Guide 2019: What to get farmers who love machinery


Some people love to work on their tractors and their other farm equipment — it’s simply part of who they are. I know this well. After all, my podcast is all about getting the most out of your machines and making sure that they’ll be working hard for you for generations to come. This Christmas gift guide is all about helping you with ideas for that tinkerer in your life, and the list below works best in conjunction with my related podcast episode, where I explain the value of each tool and why it is a must-have for your hot rod farmer.

This is the second year I’ve done this kind of list, so if you need even more ideas, I recommend checking out last year’s buyer’s guide here

Granted, many of these items may not fit in a traditional Christmas stocking, so be ready with the wrapping paper and explore some of the great items on this gift list! Of course, these gifts are great during other parts of the year, too!

(Note: We know prices can change often, so click the link for each item to see if the price is has shifted from what’s listed.)

Redline Detection LLC Smoke Pro Total Tech

Price: $1,237.15

This is a professional grade smoke machine that employs a non-toxic and non-flammable smoke to locate hard to find leaks and pinholes in not only engines but hoses, lines, pipes tanks and anything else around the farm.

Tractor PTO Link

Price: $349.98

Something that should have been invented years ago! The Tractor PTO Link makes simple and quick work of hooking up any PTO powered equipment to the tractor. End the frustration of trying to line up the splines.

Hydra-Check test equipment

Price: $1,590.54

Without the proper equipment it is impossible to diagnose a hydraulic system. The Hydra-Check RFIK Series meter provides the following important information with one hook-up: hydraulic flow, fluid temperature, operating pressure along with the ability to load the system. $1,600.00

Mitivac Fluid Evacuation Plus

Price: $97.89

Getting fluid in and then out of many systems found on modern farm equipment and vehicles can often be a chore. But the Mitivac 7201 Fluid Evacuator Plus makes easy work of both removal of the old fluid and the installation of the new fluid.

Lisle Stretch Belt Installer/Remover

Price: $18.75

Many engines and equipment now use a stretch belt. There is no tension adjustment. It is almost impossible to remove or install a stretch belt without this simple but important tool, item #59370.

Lisle Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers

Price: $50.52

Modern equipment is fitted with many hoses that use clamps that are almost impossible to reach without the Lisle 17000 long reach pliers.

OTC Tools Cable-type Hose End Clamp Tool

Price: $59.16

An excellent companion to the Lisle Long Reach Pliers, the OTC 4525 is a cable operated release tool for the common constant tension hose clamps employed today. If you can see it but can’t reach it… this tool will get it off!

Lisle Master Line Stopper Kit #6700

Price: $46.15

Having to remove a line or hose that is filled with a liquid or connected to a tank or reservoir can pose serious problems. Many try to close the line off with locking pliers and end up damaging the hoses. End the frustration and bring safety to the job with this kit.

Lisle Battery Cable Nut Pliers #55240

Price: $18.65

The nut and bolt that crimps tight most battery cables to the terminal has limited access and is often compromised by accumulated acid. This dedicated plier gets in there and makes removing a battery cable a snap!

Goodson Fluorescent Magnetic Crack Detection Kit

Price: $699.99

The FCD-HD-Kit will allow your hot rod farmer to check cylinder heads, blocks, crankshafts and many other parts for hidden faults that can cause expensive failures.

Goodson GEO-600 high-speed die grinder and GEO-SC speed controller

Grinder price: $219.99
Speed Controller price: $46.99

This electric die grinder runs at 25,000 rpm and can be used for a multitude of procedures on the farm. It offers more flexibility than the common air die grinder and when fitted with the GEO-SC speed controller, more capability is added.

Goodson Hydro Air Gun BG-150

Price: $135.84

What do you get when you combine shop air pressure along with either hot or cold water… excellent pinpoint cleaning of any job you are involved with!

Goodson Micrometer Stand MIC-FIX

Price: $32.88

Often when using a micrometer, you need a third hand… this tool is that. It holds the micrometer steadily so that accurate measurements can be taken.

Griot’s Garage Starter Car Wash Kit #11327

Price: $99.99

You can tell who is a hot rod farmer by the way they keep their machinery. This kit includes a professional detailer’s wash bucket on wheels with lid, microfiber cloths and the company’s premium car wash detergent.

Lisle Wheel Bearing Packing Tool #34550

Price: $18.94

Not only does this tool quickly and efficiently pack all types of roller wheel bearings, it makes clean work of it too.

Snap-On Tools PT-850 ½ inch Impact gun

Price: $624.95

With 1,190 ft-lbs. of breakaway torque this USA-made professional impact gun will put a smile on the face of the recipient every time they pull the trigger!

Stihl RB 400 Dirt Boss Pressure Washer

Dirt Boss price: $650.00
Flat Surface Cleaner price: $120.00

The RB 400 is a true powerhouse for any cleaning job around the farm. Made to exceptionally high-quality standards in Iowa and featuring a Kohler horizontal shaft engine, dirt has no chance against the hot rod farmer with this machine. Add the flat surface cleaner and the shop floor will sparkle too!


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