Highest-rated after-market CountyLine seats for your smaller tractor


Pardon our French, but it’s no fun to have a sore butt. And sitting on a tractor for as long as we have to can do a number on you if you don’t have a good seat. Most new machines have pretty comfortable seats — manufacturers have been emphasizing that for several years now. But if you have an older tractor and need to get something a little cozy, you can order a great new seat right from the discomfort of your old seat! And CountyLine seats are some of the most popular that people gravitate toward.

Here are three of the highest-rated CountyLine tractor seats that Tractor Supply has available for you:

CountyLine Universal Adjustable Seat

CountyLine Universal Adjustable Seat Black

The Universal Tractor Seat with Adjustable Suspension is the perfect seat for virtually any piece of agricultural machinery. It features a heavy duty vinyl cover over a high density molded cushion. Built in is an adjustable weight suspension over the steel frame with a 2.75-inch suspension stroke with a weight capacity of 110 to 265 pounds.

  • Vinyl-Covered Molded Cushion
  • Adjustable Weight Suspension
  • Multiple Hole Mounting Patterns
  • Adjustable Base Angle
  • Slides

The review that says it all: This mounted with zero modifications to a Ford 861 Powermaster. The height is great, and it feels so much better than the old pan seat!

CountyLine Universal Fold Down Seat

CountyLine Universal Fold Down Seat Black

The Universal Fold-Down Seat is the perfect seat for most Zero Turn Radius (ZTRs) industrial equipment. It features a heavy-duty vinyl cover and steel frame construction for increased durability and comfort. It also has a fold down backrest for easy access and compactability. Additionally, it comes with slides and armrests for increased comfort adjustments.

  • Slides
  • Armrests
  • Fold-Down Back Cushion
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Cover

The review that says it all: The seat was a great value because it was sturdier than most of the others available, had armrests and a fold down seat that others didn’t, was more comfortable, and was easy to install.

CountyLine Universal Compact Seat Black, 508000BK-CNL

CountyLine Universal Compact Seat Black

The Universal Compact Seat with Slides features a vinyl-covered molded cushion for maximum comfort and reduced wear. The steel frame construction provides needed support for high-use applications. It has an adjustable bolt pattern to fit a variety of machinery, from lawn and garden to industrial equipment, and anything in between. Additionally, it has adjustable width slides for easy, universal mounting.

  • Vinyl-Covered Molded Cushion
  • Adjustable Width Slides
  • Steel Frame Construction

The review that says it all: I have an old 1973 IH 2400A Tractor and the seats had seen better days. This seat from TSC bolted right in place with some “minor” adjustments and looks just like it was from the factory. It seems pretty tough so I’m sure it’ll be the last seat I buy for this machine.


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