Hot Rod Farmer: 2021 gift guide for farmers who love machinery


Here are some ideas for what to get the hot rod farmer in your life for Christmas 2021! This buyer’s guide should be used in conjunction with my Hot Rod Farmer podcast, on which I explain the value of each tool and why it is a must-have for your gift list.

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I also want to make clear that these are just gift suggestions that many may not know about. I encourage you to explore different brands of the same type of tool. A brand or model that I suggested may not be the best choice for who you are shopping for, but the concept may be valid.

Also, please shop around for pricing since in some instances you may find the item at a lower cost than I listed.

Consider referencing the 2018, 2019, and 2020 Christmas podcasts and buyer’s guides for additional ideas. Of course, these are all great gifts during the rest of the year too!

Have a blessed Christmas and 2022! Here’s my gift guide with 16 great ideas:

1: IPA Blow Gun Tips

$75 at this link, part #8055 

The innovative and versatile 3-piece Specialty Blow-Gun Assortment includes: a BlowBack model, Air Bender model, and an Air Scraper model. They are ideal for engine repair, machine shop, agriculture, and general industrial applications and much more.

Air Bender Blow-Gun reaches hard-to-access areas with focused, high-pressure, 90° angle output

  • For blowing out channels, ports, or reaching around obstructions

Air-Scraper Blow-Gun features a stainless steel shaft and scraper tip that combines air pressure and scouring action to remove and blow away stuck-on debris for faster cleaning than other methods

  • For cleaning gasket surfaces, removing grease, rust and more

BlowBack Gun dislodges and evacuates debris from the bottom of a bolt hole and out of all the threads

  • For cleaning head-bolt holes, manifolds and more

2: Esco U-Joint Puller

Starting at $85.00 at this link

Esco U-Joint Puller are manufactured to withstand rigorous use in day-to-day service applications. Cast out of high-quality heavy-duty steel, U-Joint Pullers are built with quality and precision to last and deliver the best user experience possible. Specifically designed to eliminate the use of dangerous vice-and-socket or hammering methods, ESCO U-Joint Pullers aid in reducing the risk of damaging joints, bearing caps, yokes, and driveshafts. Engineered to be a solution in the shop and provide universal application use to get the job done. ESCO U-Joint Pullers are to be used with up to a 1 in. impact tool.




3: Cal-Van Trim Clip Pliers

$63 at this link, part #54

These pliers remove plastic anchors with center pins without damage to the pin or the anchor with one-handed operation. These anchors are found on the interior panels of vehicles and farm machinery.

The adjustable head design allows access to difficult or otherwise unreachable areas when trying to use other similar pliers, and they have a steel construction with a double-dipped textured grip.

4: Century Drill Bits

$177 at this link, part #26529 
Or if you’re a Prime customer, find it here on Amazon

This 29-piece set includes 1/16″ to 1/2″ by 64ths drill bits. Made from M42 steel with 8% cobalt, Century’s Cobalt drill bits are designed to cut through extremely hard metals, including stainless steel.

  • No center punch needed: Century 135-degree quick-cut points are self-centering and penetrate faster with less pressure…will not “walk” or “wander” at the starting surface
  • Extremely heat resistant, must be used and operated in power units that have a RPM speed of 1,500 or more for maximum efficiency
  • Aerospace NAS 907-J specifications
  • Made in the U.S.A.

5: SURAR Universal Clamp Making Kit

$67 at this link, part #CT500 

This universal clamp-making kit has everything you need for the job: Tool, wire, cutter, and wire nut. It’s more durable than standard worm gear clamps and makes a true 360 degree seal.

6: Durofix Impact Gun

$480 at this link, part #R160176

This 60V Durofix Impact Gun delivers higher power and more than 35% longer run-time by drawing less current and having dual batter bays.

  • 5-Stage Electronic Torque Control (ETC) and Auto-Shutoff: Higher power comes with high precision.
  • 2″ (RI60760) or 6″ Extended (RI60176E) Anvil.
  • Adjustable Side Handle & Two super-bright side LEDs

7: Fenix Flex Head Flashlight

$80 at this link, part #WT25R
Or if you’re a Prime customer, find it here on Amazon

The Fenix WT25R Adjustable Head Flashlight is a great all-purpose light with many features. The 105-degree adjustable head allows you to put light where you need it. Attach the light to most metal surfaces with the built-in magnet for hands-free lighting. Quickly choose between four brightness levels, including a maximum 1000 lumen mode, with the large, easy-to-use mode switch. Recharge the light with the magnetic USB charging cable and check the battery’s remaining charge with the battery level indicator.

Built-in body clip, lock-out function, and an IP66 rain resistant/dustproof rating round out the features for the Fenix WT25R—a great all-purpose tool for the farmer or rancher.

8: FJC Handheld Hydraulic Crimper

$255 at this link, part #2806
Or if you’re a Prime customer, find it here on Amazon

This Handheld Hydraulic Crimper Kit is lightweight and portable and is an efficient tool to crimp pipes, barrier hoses, and beadlock fittings.

  • Quick-snap dies require no pins or screws.
  • Includes complete set of dies.
  • For hose sizes: #6, #8, #10, #12 and reduced barrier hose sizes.
  • Packaged in convenient, custom-molded protective case.

9: Porta Cool

Starting at $646 at this link
Or if you’re a Prime customer, find it here on Amazon

Maintain shop comfort with powerful evaporative coolers in the Portacool Jetstream series. The Portacool Jetstream packs the biggest cooling punch by combining impressive airflow with Kuul Comfort evaporative media, the highest-quality evaporative media on the market made in the USA exclusively for Portacool products. Jetstream evaporative coolers provides maximum comfort when it counts. Cool larger commercial and open spaces from 700 to 5,625 square feet.

10: Portasol Butane Torch

$52 at this link, part #820
Or if you’re a Prime customer, find it here on Amazon

A butane Torch with 2,797 BTU/hour of flame power, extra strong welded stainless steel head built to protect the burner. Made with butane compatible plastics and ultrasonically welded tank that prevents gas leaking. Good for soldering joints, paint stripping, air conditioning work, fusing rope ends, loosening frozen or rusted nuts and bolts, and heating and bending thing metal.

  • Compact lightweight (7oz) high power Torch for hard-to-reach areas
  • 50-820 (watts equivalent) adjustable power
  • Adjustable flame length up to 4 1/2 inches.
  • 45 minutes of continuous use at mid-setting
  • Flame temperature 2,462 °F (1350 °C) – All-in-one on/off ignition switch with a safety button

11: Schumacher Battery Charger

$176 at this link, part #FR01577 

The Schumacher Farm and Ranch Battery Charger is built for heavy-duty farm equipment. The powerful 6/12 Volt, 200 Amp design is perfect for engine starting and charging robust batteries. Offers 200 Amp (12V) and 125 Amp (6V) Engine Start, 40 Amp Boost, and 6–2 Amp Charge/Maintenance rates. Plus, quick-connectors with a 12-foot reach make it easy to hook up to the battery. Works with 6V and 12V Standard, AGM, or gel batteries. UL, ULC, BC safety certifications. DOE compliant.

12: SP Tool Exhaust Bung Taps

$113 at this link, part #16000

Farmers and ranchers will appreciate this set of re-threaders that have been designed to repair exhaust temperature sensors bungs. Because of extreme heat cycles and the corrosive environment of modern diesel exhaust systems, the EGT sensors become very difficult to remove without damaging the exhaust system. The shape and depth of the fittings are such that standard re-threaders cannot be used.

These re-threaders are designed with a specific geometry that allows them to clean-up most types of damaged EGT sensor bungs and allow a new sensor to be installed without needing to replace the very expensive exhaust system. The six different sizes, and one special drive adaptor, that are included in the kit will accommodate repairs of most if not all EGT sensors used on cars, as well as light, medium and heavy-duty trucks on the road today.

13: Thexton Relay Jumper Kit

$68 at this link, part #927

Bypass relays to test and activate components. Also, this kit tests circuitry to determine faulty wiring. The extended 5-foot cord allows the technician to test the component visually or audibly when activated.

  • Custom molded relays dissolve the need to determine which circuit is the power, ground, or signal.
  • 4 different tools cover the majority of foreign & domestic relay applications.

14: Anglo American Tight Space Thread Repair

$297 at this link, part #NES 55
Or if you’re a Prime customer, find it here on Amazon

Introducing a solution to one of the most common and frustrating recurring problems when working with fasteners that have stripped and damaged threads in tight spaces! This tool automatically adjusts to any thread diameter and pitch, within range. The cutters are self-adjusting to any pitch within range, coarse or fine; no need for calibration or identifying fasteners thread type. The one-handed tool restores inch or metric, right or left handed, coarse or fine thread

15: Knipex Twin Grip Pliers

$41 at this link, part #8202200sb 
Or if you’re a Prime customer, find it here on Amazon

These Knipex pliers have front grip and side grip functions, box joint, and push button adjustment, and their slim profile let you work even in confined installation spaces with a narrow turning zone for fast results. The high-grip front jaw has robust teeth and a high gear ratio at the tip of the mouth.

  • Large front and side gripping capacity.
  • Reliable front gripping of flat workpieces due to the three-point system.
  • Gripping, tightening and loosening screws with worn heads and threads.
  • Five-way adjustable slip joint with push button adjustment for precise adjustment of gripping capacity.
  • Pinch stop reduces the risk of crushed fingers.
  • Durable and resilient due to the robust box joint.

16: Ullman Devices Digital Mirror

$100 at this link, part #E-DM-1MB 

Smart phone enabled 720p camera with LED illumination; save images and videos direct to your mobile device. It lets you position the digital mirror where it needs to be and then you view is shown on your smart phone or tablet. Connects to your mobile Android or IOS device through the Ullman App; dual point 360-degree rotational knuckle securely holds the digital mirror at optimal viewing angle

  • Magnetic base adheres to vehicles, lifts, racks, toolboxes and other ferrous objects; telescoping handle helps reach tight spaces
  • Rechargeable battery provides 45 minutes of run time; IP54 dust and water resistant.

Ray Bohacz, a technical writer in both the automotive and agriculture industries, is the creator the Farm Machinery Digest website and the Idle Chatter podcast. He has more than 3,000 published articles and has been featured in nearly 50 publications. AGDAILY is committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. We earn commissions from some of the purchases you make using some of the retail links in our product reviews. Learn more about how this works.

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