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InField Updates tool helps growers with corn intended for silage


A new in-app tool called InField Updates has been created to help growers dial in the harvest timeline of corn intended for silage.

Released by Wisconsin-based Rock River Laboratory, the tool allows nutritionists, agronomists, and their growers to review timely fresh Dry Matter (DM), Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF), and Starch statistics geographically, to determine the optimal chopping schedule for their acres.

“Hitting the ideal harvest window is a vital component to processing good feed for the coming year,” says Zachery Meyer, Rock River Laboratory director of Operations. “Any tool that Rock River Laboratory can develop to quickly provide consultants and farmers with the data they need, to plan for a successful harvest is an easy investment for us.”

Development of InField Updates was sparked by the annual need for timely moisture assessment of corn intended for silage, to predict chopping timing. The tool relies on the support of the industry to supply freshly chopped corn samples to Rock River Laboratory, which is requesting the help of all growers and consultants to make this tool beneficial for everyone. Samples submitted using the laboratory’s new, minimally priced ‘Fresh Chopped Corn’ package will receive DM, NDF, and Starch analysis to help populate the information for InField Updates. Results data is mapped based on location electronically submitted, while maintaining the privacy of both the individual submitting and the exact address location. The sample submitter will also receive their own specific sample analysis results direct to their e-mail or on the Rock River Laboratory web portal.

To provide on-the-go access, InField Updates resides within Rock River Laboratory’s FeedScan app, the smartphone and tablet application for electronic sample submission. InField Updates is free to everyone and does not require login credentials, however downloading the free FeedScan app is required in order to access the InField Updates tool. InField Updates users can review mapped data by selecting an area on the map that narrows data points to a ten-mile radius to ensure the analysis levels provided are relevant to the geographical area selected.

Those who wish to contribute to the effort in addition to benefiting from the information can send freshly chipped corn intended for silage samples under the “Fresh Chopped Corn” package, using the FeedScan app (with location services enabled) to submit at the closest location to the field where the sample(s) was collected. Physical submission of the fresh samples can be completed at one of many Rock River Laboratory drop boxes along their Convenience Routes. Users can find the closest Convenience Route drop boxes by searching here

FeedScan is available for download at the App Store (search FeedScan) and in Google Play. For InField Updates instructions and more information, visit the tool’s Resource Center.

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