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Infographic: Kubota’s M7 Series a versatile blend of power and efficiency


If part of farming is building relationships, then Kubota has found an ideal marriage between power and efficiency with its flagship M7 Series tractors. Built with a Kubota V6108 engine and packing between 128 and 168 hp, this flagship series has the latest in clean-engine technology and is capable of handling the toughest row-crop or livestock jobs a farmer could throw at it.

It’s obvious that Kubota didn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to farming with the M7 Series — the adaptability of this series is one of its biggest perks. There are multiple transmission options: the Kubota Variable Transmission with an infinite number of forward and reverse speeds, and the Powershift Transmission offering 24 speeds. Add the optional factory creep speed to get a total of 40 speeds, and you’ll be able to pick the perfect combination of high productivity with a minimal amount of effort.

Combine these and other features of the M7 Series, and you get a high-tech work tractor that is as comfortable to operate as it is productive — even during some of the longest days in the field.

Of course, we can’t forget the implements. Here are some of the highlights of the M7 Series:

  • Loader: Best-in-class lift capacity.
  • Kubota Z-Bar linkage mechanical self-leveling: With no upper loader link to get in the way, Kubota’s mechanical self-leveling system ensures an unobstructed view ahead.
  • Front loader joystick: Greatly simplifies front loader operations so you can concentrate on the work ahead.
  • Single-lever hydraulic valve quick coupler: With the pull of a single lever, an operator can quickly and simultaneously attach or detach all four hoses using a single lever, simplifying tasks that require hydraulic equipment.
  • Quick attachment and detachment: Attaching and detaching the front loader doesn’t get any easier, thanks to boom stands and two mounting pins. No tools necessary.


This infographic was published on behalf of Kubota.

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