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John Deere redefines its 5M Series with added technology


Farmers and ranchers are always on the look out for more ways to efficiently do a job. To contribute to that mindset, John Deere has redefined its lineup of 5M Series Tractors by adding new technology and transmission options, and more top-end horsepower by introducing a new 125-horsepower tractor to the lineup. These added capabilities and features will appeal to hay, livestock, and commercial customers.

A large-tractor feature making its way to the 5M Series through a built-in display on the tractor dash is integrated AutoTrac guidance. This factory-installed option is only available for 5M Tractors equipped with PowrQuad transmissions. AutoTrac provides straight-line guidance to help operators reduce implement overlap, make fewer passes through the field, decrease fatigue, and save fuel. “No other utility tractor on the market offers this level of integrated guidance on a mid-spec utility tractor, making the productivity potential of the 5M Series unmatched,” Greg Christensen, marketing manager for John Deere said. “This low-cost, entry-level guidance system, can later be upgraded by plugging in a premium display for mapping and prescription-based applications.”

Christensen says customers are looking for updated transmission options to make tractor operation easy. “Now, John Deere makes the PowrQuad transmissions available on the 5090M, 5100M, 5115M cab versions and includes it in base equipment on the newly added 125-horsepower 5125M, which is only available with a cab. PowrQuad transmissions make it easy for operators to find the right speed with clutchless, push-button shifting between gears, allowing them to focus on their work.”

John Deere also increased the hitch-lift capacity on 5M Tractors equipped with PowrQuad transmissions to better handle large implements and offers an optional panoramic roof for improved visibility from the cab. These features are especially beneficial when lifting and moving large objects such as hay bales and can increase operator productivity.

Additionally, the John Deere Smart Connector, available as a parts kit, is compatible with select 5 Series Tractors. The Smart Connector is an entry-level connectivity solution that makes it easy for customers who are not using their tractor in a production setting to monitor their tractor through a Bluetooth connection that sends them data so they can track maintenance intervals and tractor performance. Information from Smart Connector is accessed through the TractorPlus app from a mobile device.

The redefined MY22 5M Tractors with PowrQuad transmissions are now available to order, with PowrReverser options being available to order later this year. For more information visit your local dealer or the John Deere website for more details.

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