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John Deere redesigns 2025R compact utility tractor


You asked and John Deere listened once again — this time with their newly remodeled 2025R compact utility tractor.

“We take all of our customers’ feedback very seriously and this is something that customers were saying that they wanted. It fills a gap in the market place for sure for our product line,” said Michelle Bentley, Product Marketing Manager, John Deere. “Mainly what we did on this is we just expanded on our very popular 1 series tractor. We thought about what customers were needing out of that machine and how we could make it a little bit better, a little bit bigger.”

Bentley said while the 2025R comes with the same horsepower as the 1 series, the tractor has bigger tires, a higher capacity, a new loader, a new backhoe, and an updated mower deck system for mid mount mowers.

The 2025R comes equipped with TwinTouch foot controls, allowing the operator to select speed and direction of travel with the light touch of a toe, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity. And with the addition of the optional Auto-Throttle, the driver can automatically increase or decrease engine speed while pressing on either of the TwinTouch pedals.

Courtesy of John Deere

The 2025R is also built for comfort and visibility. The controls are repositioned and color-coded for easy identification and convenient operation. The cushion on the new seat is 2-inches thicker than the previous model and features armrests and full-seat suspension. Other improvements include a newly designed toolbox, providing lockable on-board storage and the ability to remove it from the tractor for on-the-go needs.

Bentley said they also made sure to keep some of the more popular features from the 1 series such as tilt steering and the way the mid mount mower deck connects on the new machine.

“We took a lot of the features from the 1 series that are very popular and brought them into this larger 2 series tractor,” Bentley said. “So, all of the same stuff that everybody loves on the 1 series tractor is carried forward on to this bigger chassis 2 series tractor.”

The John Deere 2025R is available now and can be ordered through local dealers.

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