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John Deere releases next generation tillage tools


John Deere recently introduced two new next-generation secondary tillage tools, designed from “below the ground up” to work faster and smarter … making customers more productive while effectively handling tough soil conditions and high levels of crop residue at speeds up to 10 mph.

“Producers are continually demanding more from their tillage equipment in terms of soil mixing and residue management, faster operating speeds and more precise depth control,” says Jarred Karnei, product marketing manager for John Deere in a recent release. “To meet those needs, we’ve increased working widths and operating speeds, and provided a wider array of finishing attachments to create that custom field finish and firm seedbed that’s so important for uniform germination and crop establishment.”

The new John Deere 2230 Level-lift and Floating Hitch Field Cultivator models feature a redesigned frame with stubble-resistant radial tires and no daily maintenance points. The 2230 Field Cultivators are able to provide even and consistent soil mixing and residue flow thanks to true six-inch split-the-middle shank spacing with TruPosition standards that offer 200 pounds of trip force.

For level or gently rolling ground, the John Deere 2230 Level-lift Field Cultivator comes with three-section or five-section configurations in 15 different sizes ranging from 23.5 feet to 60.5 feet in width. For level or hilly terrain, customers can select the 2230 Floating Hitch Field Cultivator, available in 14 different widths from 25.5 feet to 69.5 feet, that can cover up to 217 more acres in a 10-hour day than previous models.

Both the Level-lift and Floating Hitch Field Cultivators feature the ProFinish Leveling System with six rear harrow options that enable producers to achieve their desired level of field finish. Hydraulically adjustable flat-bar or round-bar rolling baskets are also available, allowing the operator to easily raise, lower or float the baskets as field conditions change.

In addition, the industry-exclusive TruSet Tillage technology is included, giving the operator more precise on-the-go depth and down pressure control from the convenience of the cab. Operators can perform individual section leveling on the 2230FH with TruSet side-to-side. TruSet also enables variable depth prescriptions and documentation of tillage passes, helping produces capture more detailed field data for the entire production cycle.

To complement the new 2230 Field Cultivators, John Deere is rolling out its fully redesigned 2330 Mulch Finisher that enables customers to more effectively size and distribute large amounts of residue while still producing a smooth, even seedbed. The new frame design enables wider working widths, additional rear harrow options and precise adjustability from the cab.

The 2330 Mulch Finisher comes in nine sizes with widths from 21.75 feet to 56.25 feet and can operate at field speeds up to 10 mph. It is designed with true nine-inch split-the-middle shank spacing, integrated TruSet technology and many other features similar to the new 2230 Field Cultivator that help producers work faster and smarter when creating the ideal seedbed.

“We’ve made some significant changes to our next generation of field cultivators and mulch finishers to set John Deere apart from the competition and that customers will find tremendous value in,” adds Karnei.  “From the frame and tires to more finishing options and advanced adjustability — all of these improvements are to ensure customers can get an ideal seedbed from a single, productive pass ahead of the planter.”

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